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Magma Rafting


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Ride a river of fire! Magma Rafting


The Fourfold Furnace of Gehenna has always held a terrible fascinationfor planars and primes alike. Steep slopes, cascading lava flows,everyone would like to see what the place is like, even if it'sincredibly dangerous.

Now imagine seeing it racingby as you fly down rivers of molten rock! Our hand-carved obsidian andgranite canoes (available for one, two, and four standard-sizedcreatures) have been further treated to resist the heat of the lava,and magically "insured" that they won't roll over. You also don't haveto worry about the inevitable cliffs; the canoes have a built-in feather fall-like effect!

Start your adventure in thebarghest-ruled burg of Tograth-Mallka near the peak of Khalas, theFirst Furnace. The heat is usually enough to make a salamanderuncomfortable, but with your Snail Outfitters fireskin you'll be asrelaxed as if you were in your own case.

After meeting with the localsand wandering through the town, sampling its firewater and quaint localculture, your guide and minder Pallikar (planar/male goblin/F8/Society of Pain/LE)will take you to a nearby lava upwelling. You'll be fitted into a canoeand then off you go! Shoot over the magmafalls, spray molten rock onthe shore, see the lava crocs basking by the side of the flow, and havethe time of your life! When you've had enough, just say the commandword and the canoe will gently pull up to the side of the flow,something it does automatically when you get too close to the edge ofthe Mount. Ride a river of rock today!


by Torsten Bernhardt

Be Tarmy!Don'trun off without having the right equipment, bloods! Try a list of thefollowing items, all avaliable at Snail Outfitters! Flammable Water, Riding Shield (for the daring!), Signaling Flask, Hat of Comfort, Fireskin, Slopeloss spell.

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