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Harvest Maple


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Harvest Maple Copyright © 1999 by Leonidas 

The Harvest Maple is a large tree normally found near farms. It is thick bodied and gnarled in its old age, but its saplings strongly resemble wheat. The saplings are slightly thicker and more yellow, but other than that identical. Many farmers plant harvest maple instead of less hardy grains to take advantage of their ability to deal with weather and the sweet bread made from them. The older plants are also used to make a strong syrup. Their leaves are dark green and almost tubular, making it look as though a mature maple is sprouting dark wheat from its many branches. In hard times farmers will harvest these leaves to use them as seeds for next years crop. The wood is a dark yellow and soft, making it suitable for carving and arrows, though it is too weak for furniture. Many villages make their living off of Harvest Maple, eating it and using its wood for carvings to be sold in the markets.

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