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The Abyss: The perfection of perversion.


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Department of Humanities

Psychology/Sociology Section

For: Chief Engineer

Subject: Losing one’s self


                The subtlety of evil is not lost in the Abyss. The corrupting nature, if anything else, appears harder to detect. While those of a more lawful bend are more interested in subtle manipulations for the purpose of absolute rule, most know what they are about, even if they can’t see it. Those who could care less about law and chaos are more likely interested in propagating evil for its own sake. Not so with those with a predisposition towards chaos.

                For most, the view is that spontaneously evil characters run amok with no true purpose. While many do, there is a residual effect that follows in their wake. Everyone so exposed to such wild abandon can’t help but to be affected with a sense of liberation of sorts. But this is the opening with which the evil may work upon those desires.

                Liberation of the spirit requires discipline of sorts. While it may be well and good to freely express oneself without care, an individual risks causing pain for himself or for others. Such lack of restraint is a step towards chaos. With the lack of restraint comes the body’s wish to indulge itself.

                The Tanar’ri are masters of temptation. Don’t let any of the other fiendish races beguile you. They may promise a berk his greatest desire upon completion of a task, but the Tanar’ri will give it to them outright with the promise that they can make anything available to mortals. Feed the hunger of the flesh with false nourishment and the tempted soul will beg for more. Imagine a feast where no matter how much you eat, you are not satisfied. So must the tempted starve from his own devising.

                While the Tanar’ri are known to turn on their allies, this doesn’t mean they do not plan ahead or lack long-term goals. No, they aren’t likely to dangle mortals over their own fate the way other fiendish races do. So long as there is usefulness in the mortal, his Tanar’ri master may yet let him live. In addition to value as a tool, the mortal may serve as a source of entertainment as his deepening corruption begins to imitate the Tanar’ri. It’s important to remember that Tanar’ri bore easily.

                Once the body has become sufficiently convinced it is starved of pleasure, the mind begins to give over to every whim. Anything to quench the thirst of the flesh. That taste of fulfillment never comes, no matter how much is consumed, touched, or inflicted. The pleasures promised to the flesh allow for an ever increasing level of pleasure without an apex. Once thoroughly entrenched in this spiral, the mortal will partake in any perversion to reach that point so far denied: where pleasure turns to satisfaction.

Hypatia Anaxarete, Shaper 3

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