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The Lady of Pain is Mazed


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Warning: Reading this may end up getting you mazed, or worse!

The outsider walked up to Amanda cautiously.  He was new to this strange place called Sigil.  But he was here for one thing and one thing alone, information on the Lady of Pain.  Amanda was supposed to be the best local gossip in the Cage, and she knew it.  He casually ordered himself an ale and one for Amanda from the barkeep.  She was impressed by the outsider’s casualness, and intrigued.  What would he want to know? she wondered.


“You know anything on the Lady of Pain?” he asked casually.


People who were near them got silent, then walked away to find another seat somewhere else.


She ushered him into a private booth.  Barmy outsider, she thought.  Asking that, here of all places.  But nowhere was safe in the Cage when the Lady is around.  And she is always around.


“Sure, I heard of the Lady.  That’s going to take some jink to get me to talk about her though.  You in?” she asked.


He slid her over some platinum coins.


“Good,” she said.


“Now some say that she’s a spectral visage made up by those blokes that run around here like they own the place.  Some say she’s a barmy, wizard or the such that totally lost it, ya’ know?  Some say that she’s the most powerful being you ever did see.  That has got to be true, you hear me berk?  Especially here in the Cage. “


She looked around, nervously, to make sure that no one is listening.  And then goes on with her tale.


“But me?   I think that her and Aostar were lovers, and they got into a fight, so she killed him, ya’ know?  And right before he died he punished her betrayal with a maze of his own making.  Got me so far?  The maze was Sigil, and she’s been trying to find the way out ever since.  You ever wonder why there’s so many portals here?  She is trying to find the one that will let her out, and until then she is content to wonder the streets, scarin’ people and stuff.  Killing ‘em for things she see’s as offensive.  And if she don’t kill ‘em, she puts ‘em in a maze with only one way out.  Just like Aostar did to her, you follow?”


The outsider looked away to get the barkeep to get him another ale and, when he looked back Amanda has disappeared.  Whether she got sucked into a maze, or she just took her leave silently, he has no clue.  But no on has seen or heard from her again.

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