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Just Surviving Ecotopia [Town] Copyright © 1999 by Rasgon

Location: Dothion

Description: Ecotopia is a metropolis built among the hills of Dothion (the wilderness around it is unusually wild for this layer, with beasts and predators kept in their "natural" state by the Ecotopians), with shady streets that weave in and out of massive trees. The citizens allow natural streams to flow through the city as well, under the theory that the psychological benefits outweigh the inconvenience they cause. Carts, wagons, and other forms of transportation are left lying around for all to use, eliminating the need for taxicab drivers.

Ecotopians live in group homes or nearby communes with people who share their professions. Hemp, a Prime derivative drug, along with planar hibiscus is often smoked, and in most cases is available for free. Sexual mores are very open. All packaging is re-used. All Ecotopian products (except metals) quickly decay when buried in soil. Ecotopians have a fanatic belief that everything must be returned to the cycle of nature, and get upset when someone attempts to preserve things beyond their time (this includes the painting of portraits, if the portraits aren't buried and allowed to decay soon after). The Doomguard is actually a popular faction here for that reason.

Costumes are very individual and creative, making lots of use of beads, feathers, body-paint, and so on. Names are usually descriptive and refer to nature (Brightcloud, Moonbeam, etc.). The various genders have an equal potential role in politics, though women tend to be more unified. Young men enjoy simple, but rough war-games. Everyone specializes in at least one form of creative art.

(This work is based on the utopian novel by Ernest Callenbach.)

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Re: Ecotopia

The Doomguard is actually a popular faction here for that reason.

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