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Blade of Innocence 2: Ramifications


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A single fly screeching cannot be heard. But billions of billions of them, each a traitor born of the same betrayal, is a cacophony. Memories are harmless so long as the feeling of the past is barred.


The ecstasy nearly throws him off his mount. A beautifully scented twist in the spacial folds, a delicious contradiction within the orders of infinity. Why had he not felt this before? He is always smiling, but this time there is truth to it. He turned his bronze mount with a tap of his scythe. He must, after so long, speak with his sister.


ERROR. EXCEPTION ERROR. INITIATE HANDLING. The same message resounded across a thousand factories nestled within the Perfection, and each one despaired that there was no design yet made suited to the coming task. A conference of networks, a response must be made even as a new model is researched.


Within the black mists, a dead man blinks. The guilt that cloaked him is so heavy that the moment in which it vanishes feels brief but sharp. He looks over at the throne beside him, and wants to say something but the words won't come out. His thoughts are of a live man who had a twin sister.


From his highpoint, he sees a story unfolding but even from the Apex he cannot see the end. Can Law fail to accomplish the greatest Good? Must Law stand guard against its brethren? He thinks on this, unsure how much hinges on his answers. He stares through his palms, a mortal and immortal in one shell debating.

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