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Dialogues with Death: Of Seeking and Sacrifice

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Arise! Awake! Approach the great and learn. Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path, so the wise say - hard to tread and difficult to cross. - Katha Upanishad


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Day 32

Gehreleths in the Mist --Intro & Part 1

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This is my attempt to spark interest in the demodands, who I feel are somewhat ignored in D&D. This is the introduction and Part I of an ongoing essay collection.

This is my attempt to spark interest in the demodands, who I feel are somewhat ignored in D&D. This is the introduction and Part I of an ongoing essay collection.


Acheron's Irregulars, Epilogue

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AUTHOR'S NOTE:Hi! I'm finally finished this story. Listen, I understand if you guys don't want to put your hand on this sort of thing - it's big, its unwield, its in desperate need of editing, and it might not be at all the sort of thing you're looking for. But if you do plan on posting it, could you contact me? There are some important edits I should have made before sending it to you that I'd like to make now, if at all possible. You can contact me at or at 267437392.--------------

Acheron's Irregulars, Part 7

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Long ago, the third layer of Arcadia was swallowed up by the gear-driven plane of Mechanus.Some blamed a lack of motivation. Others blamed carelessness. Still more said it had been inevitable. But regardless of how you looked at the situation, everyone knew that as long as there were only two layers to Arcadia, the Planes were unbalanced.

Acheron's Irregulars, Part 6

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Since our tale is nearly at an end, we feel within our rights to bore you with yet another rumination upon the nature of something pertinent to the Multiverse. Specifically, we wish to discuss Bargains, Deals, and Transactions.

Acheron's Irregulars, Part 5

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Among the many gifts a Paladin may possess, the gift of healing is the most basic and well known. With only a touch, a Paladin may lift the burden of injury from their companions or even themselves if they chose to.It is an ability even untrained Paladins can perform with relative ease. More experienced Paladins are capable of turning grievious, life-threatening wounds into no more than distant memories.Boric couldn't even heal a paper-cut.

Acheron's Irregulars, Part 4

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"This is bad. This is, in fact, the very definition of bad," Ben began, pacing back and forth near the crackling campfire. "If there were some sort of book which contained within it the definition of words, and if we were to look up the word 'bad', we would find an exact description of this very situation under it."

Acheron's Irregulars, Part 3

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"So, you're a shape shifter?"Fact's question caught Jerald by surprise. The actor currently appeared as a tall elegant-looking old man with a wispy beard and a set of spectacles."Eh? Well, yes," Jerald responded. "I suppose so."

Acheron's Irregulars, Part 2

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Before we continue, we must bore you with a rumination on the nature of actors.Adventurers are people who are paid to adventure. Whether it be an adventure down into the acid-soaked depths of Carceri or tromping through a zombie-riddled doldrum of the Negative Plane, adventurers will fight just about anything for the right amount of jink.

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