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Acheron's Irregulars

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With apologies to Akira Kurosawa and John Sturges. Criticism is welcome and warranted.-------------There is a place called the Multiverse.It is a setting of the strange and unusual, where belief can shape the very fabric of reality. It is a world where opposed idealogies clash in violent struggle and epic conflicts to determine the fate of the cosmos are a daily occurence.

A Study of the Astral Dreadnaught (Chapter 6)

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In my search for clues as to the identity and nature of the Astral Dreadnought, that vicious beast that scours the Astral Plane in its constant search for food and prey, I have come across several startling books as well as theories which all the facts I currently possess seem to support.


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This is an interview with the deposed oinoloth, part of the Outlands centered news magazine Pawn's Eye View. The reporter who got the story is the famous--in my campaign world--B.Agnus. Special credit to Raymond Luxury Yatch of the WotC boards who came up with the idea of an ultroloth trying to look like a baern. I added the surgery concept.

The Order of Everything

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This is the first installment in what I hope will be a interesting serial recounting a baatezu's trials amidst the Blood Wars.

The World of Three

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Listen. Once upon a time, these were the Three, and they were all there was.There was the Dragon, which was called Order, Pattern, Dark, Serenity.There was the Tiger, which was called Chaos, Change, Light, Creation/Destruction.And there was the Phoenix, which was called Balance, Good, Life, Love.

Visions out of time

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"You come to me seeking wisdom. Know, that everything I am going to tell you is a lie. Know, that even if I knew the truth, I could not speak of it. Know, that no matter what you do to me, my words will remain the same, for they are all that stands between me and the vision that seeks to burn my mind. Now listen, while I will lie to you about ends that are beginnings."

The Lady of Pain is Mazed

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Warning: Reading this may end up getting you mazed, or worse!

Ilsensine: Psi & Omega

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Few of those, who cultivate the discipline of the mind known as psionics ever deal with the horrible creatures knows as ‘illithids’. Even fewer have ever spoken to an illithid priest or even an Elder Brain. And none beside me have found out the terrible truth underlying that accursed race. The truth, you see, is that Ilsensine does not exist. Not yet anyway. One unfortunate day there will be a gathering of minds, a conclave of every single illithid, ulitharid, elder brain and whatever new forms have come into being.

Out of the Darkness #5 - Cast Down

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 And to me he said: "You need not be cast down by my vexation, for whatever plot these fiends may lay against us, we will go on.”This insolence of theirs is nothing new: they showed it once at a less secret gate […]

Out of the Darkness #4 - Captive

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Allison Nilesia awoke to confusion.Her thoughts still raced from the dream she'd just had, and a most vivid one at that, though she had difficulties recalling specific details. Weird. After all the years of schooling her mind, why would ...... She felt cold. That finally served to pull her back fully into awareness. The coldness originated from, what could ... restraints ... shackles? And what was that acrid smell? Best to open her eyes, but slowly, just a peek through her eyelashes ...Inexorably, her eyes opened wide.

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