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The Secret of Secrets

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~Pandemonium, Day 15~

It's like the wind knows who I am, who all of us are. And these pale men and women we kill, these packs with their pale bodies given hints of amphibian things - their frog smiles tell us they know too.

I hate it here. It's like all my thoughts are on the outside, like I'm traveling through the cavernous expanse of what I keep so deep I don't ever have to look at it.

Slaan: Part 3 - The Life of Slaan

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The Two Most Interesting People in Slaan, and How they Got to Be that Way

Obviously the previous pages set down the most important people in the city, such as the Ministers of Trade and Water and the High Priest of Io, but Slaan has many unaffiliated and yet extraordinary characters. The two most intriguing of these are described here.

Wax Face

Something like two hundred years ago a strange being all white and wearing a bisected mask showed up in Slaan. He dominated a kobold and announced his intention to take up the professional dueling circuit.

Slaan: Part 2 - How Slaan Runs

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Slaan Part 2 - How Slaan Runs


This place isn’t like Sigil; it hasn’t got a Lady of Pain to straighten out all the inconvenient messes that happen when you throw a bunch of races together into a mix and ask them to tolerate each other.

Slaan: Part 1 - Introduction to Slaan

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Slaan - City of Paraelemental Smoke


There are many ways to describe a city, glowing poetry, epic histories, great paintings, and many more, but to describe the lizard-man city in the Paraelemental Plane of Smoke a single word generally suffices, “Slaan.” At least, the lizard-men and their relatives seldom get anymore descriptive than that highly non-descriptive word. I mean really, Slaan doesn’t even mean anything, either in Planespeak or Draconic, the prevailing languages in the city. Apparently the Lizard men like it that way.

Rimefire Glade

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Situated deep in a valley on Ice lies a small forest. The trees are like trees you'll find on any Prime tundra, except they're completely encased in ice and covered by snow. A dark sky hangs over the valley, but a faint light, like starlight, descends from the skies to illuminate the forest. The entire place glows like a magical, crystalline forest lit up by a full moon.

The Alternative Guide to the City of Doors

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Welcome, esteemed readers, to "Queer Sigil" - this primer on the lively, dynamic, alternate face of Sigil. Adventurers used to narrow-minded theocracies and insular, soulless Prime worlds take heed – Sigil will, by its very nature, offer a breadth of experience beyond the realms of your very imagination...still, we're here to talk about more practical matters. Seeking a contact? Looking to unwind? Need a lead into the next dungeon? Sigil's patchwork of life and energy will doubtless throw something up, so follow me, your impeccably-travelled guide, into this portal of the delicious and the sublime...

Gazetteer of the Grey: Gallows Wood & The Horse of the Hanged

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I hung upon that windswept tree for nine days and nine nights, pierced by my own spear. I stared into the void between and beyond all things, until I spied the runes and seized them up. And howling, I fell.

- Attributed to the Power Odin

Math and Mechanus III: A sea, a hand bag, a prophet

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Zahlen, the Sea of light, darkness, and void

Even on the Plane of Law, a god can die. However, the thought of crumbling edifices is anethma to the mediators who regulate the plane. However, the lingering power of a god leaves evidence of its passing all the same for even the mediators have limits to their power.


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