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Stygian Grizzly

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The Locals Stygian Grizzly Copyright © 1999 by Leo Stygia is home to a strange race of bears, in the few places where an ecosystem is allowed to develop. They have strange markings all over their bodies, like green serpents over their grizzly fur. The most interesting trait of these beings is the confusing eyes that have dissonant colors, usually with a deep contrast.

Gui Ren

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The Locals Gui Ren Copyright © 1999 by Leo The baatezu are a-plotting again. This time it's a huge experiment that is going on. One that is expected bring great rewards. Here's a letter from the gelugon Ghost Dancer to Furcas of the Dark Eight.


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The Locals Trielzerai Copyright © 1999 by Leo Dangerous small flying pests, also called Trielzerai by an illustrious githyanki knight visiting Pelion. The name, among other things, stuck. Two-headed, finger-sized, ear-buzzing flies without any sense of preservation and an annoying blue-yellow shining coloration come, day or night, to pester travelers in the less visited sands. Curiously, the only thing they seem to avoid is the smell of blood.

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