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Githyanki Insults

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Githyanki are normally polite toward one another... but not always. None of the insults below should be used against a githyanki carelessly by the wise.

Planar Geometry and the Ordial Plane

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Greetings fellow planewalkers. I am here to present my findings on the nature of the multiverse, and perhaps shed some light on many of the mysteries of the planes. I will discuss planar geometries and the mysteries of the Ordial Plane.

The Planes reordered: 4E Planescape

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I would like to first thank David "Zeb" Cook and the entire Planescape team for coming up with the a way to make Gary Gygax's idea of other dimensions of existence even more thoughtful, funny, cosmopolitan and all together fun, along with many anonymous planewalkers over here who helped out a green like me. I would secondly like to thank the Dungeon Master's Guide II for inspiration for this idea in a relatively short, but insightful sidebar.

Math and Mechanus I, II: Introduction, Inhabitants and Items

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Math and Mechanus I: Introduction


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These two are half-siblings, both half-drow. Sparkly-teeth is half-assimar, I may make the girl indeed by a half-sibling of Talanard and Twag, not sure yet.

Dragons Upon the Many Planes

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Yugoloths and Incarnum

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Preface: I was not involved with the initial research and development of the techniques used in these experiments, as I had not yet been assigned to my master, who introduced me to the project. Vasqui has made several reports on the techniques and processes used in the experiments, several copies of each should be available at the libraries in each of the Great Towers. This report contains a brief history of the experiment and our latest results. A number of overviews of notable subjects have also been included.


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The woman before you is perhaps the most beautiful you have ever seen. She has attractive powerful features, but her sharp upsloping eyebrows and wings indicate her non-human origins.Tyraline CR 7Alu-Fiend - Rogue 5Usually CE Medium outsider (augmented human, chaotic, evil, tanar'ri)Init +3; Senses darkvision 120 ft.; Listen +18, Spot +18Languages Abyssal, Planar Common, Elven, Dwarven; telepathy 100 ft.

Gazetteer of the Grey: Glebe Pathosis

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What are these? So wither’d and so wild in their attire, That look not like the inhabitants o’ the earth, And yet are on it? - William Shakespeare, Macbeth

The Sanctifiers

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The sanctifiers believe that your experiences define your morality – evil things taught or done can blinker your outlook and weaken your chance of redemption. Past sins and failures also weigh heavy on a body, further hindering your ascension to goodness. Therefore the best way to redeem a soul is to wipe away their history with a dip in the River Styx… then apply care, kindness, and retraining to show them the light. Philosophy: Wipe away your evil past to embrace a future of goodness.

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