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3.5 ed Update to Harbinger House Module

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Harbinger House - Conversion 3.5

Belief Carts

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IntroductionTravelling across the planes Sylvia (pl/female aasimar/B8/sensate/CG) experienced as much as she could. During these adventures she became more and more addicted to speed. This became so strong that she quit wandering over the planes and started thinking on a way to satisfy her need for speed. Together with likeminded she came up with the belief-carts.

The Starving Starling

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A boarding house named “The Starving Starling” opened up in the hive not too long ago, run by two half orc brothers– Braax (NG Expert L4) & Braan (NE Rogue L2). Braax runs the front of house and is the only face patrons associate with the place. Braan does the finances, organises supplies, etc and is rarely seen. Neither of the brothers are especially bright but Braax is quite likeable and outgoing. Braan by contrast is surly and snappish if spoken to and avoids contact with patrons where possible.

Elves Don't Dream

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Long ago, before the first humans saw the light of prime suns, the fey were a single race. These creatures, myth to some, nightmare to others, were a chaotic race of fundemental powers; those of nature and fertility, life and death, enjoyment and sorrow. The Outer Planes were much different from what they are today, unformed… hardly a Great Ring at all. Only a few eons before, the Blood War had spread from the lower planes, and deities still walked the prime, creating races in their own images...spawning a fresh breed of gods, who would one day take over.


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Typhus, Altraloth

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Large Outsider, Evil, Extraplanar Hit Dice: 34d8+442 (598 HP) Initiative: +5 Speed: 40 ft. (25 ft.

Taming the Ether

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Requirements:Wilderness Lore/Survival3.5 7 ranks, must have stayed on theethereal for a period of one month, and received tutoring from the EtherfarerSociety.

The Juna, Tirapheg & Synad Conspiracy

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The Ancient JunaIn ancient times at least one civilization took the concept of the ‘Rule-of-Three’ to be more than a mere idea. They were a civilization known as the Juna, one of the elder races that ruled much of the Material Plane for a time.

Exotic Gith Weapons

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As part of A Planewalker's Guide to the Gith Races, we present five new exotic weapons used by the githyanki and the githzerai. With their unusual cultures, both of which have developed in relative isolation for a long time, in extreme environments, with martial tendencies, it is to be expected that they would have developed unusual and specialized weaponry. Here is a small sampling:

Twin Furnaces

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The Shopkeeper of the Tower Arcane smiled placidly at his balor patron. "All the shadows in a single layer of the Abyss for a year? A generous offer indeed. We can certainly make use of those, or we have business associates who can. However, for the same legions the baatezu have offered us the privilege of sharing the use of their Lake of Flame for a century. We don't yet know what we would use it for, but surely you appreciate the magnitude of this sacrifice."

The balor growled, flames erupting from its eyes and licking its cheeks.

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