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Mind Flayer Behaviors

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_____________________________________________________________The illithids live in flesh and see flesh only as tools for their will. They shape minds with their thoughts. They do not know themselves, and they know how to make others not know themselves either. They are not tool users, they are slave users. They did not know what metal was, nor what it could be used for. They are great in knowledge, but blind to those things they think they control.

The Black Heart

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Three children to the Time Sultan. One became God, the Elder lord who governs them all. One became Pheonix, ruler of fire and humanity, of passion and control. the lonely wandered, mother of the Saga. The third, James, ruler of hellfire, the youngest.

The Band of Iron

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The Queen is no more! How this has come to pass is not as important as what the repercussions of this will be for the People. I have led you into a thousand battles and more. I have spilled the blood of those who would oppose the Queen, and those who would harm the People. I have worn the blood of fallen warriors, and carried their tokens back to this fastness in honor.

Ur'rdrasul the Black Manor

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Recommended Levels: n/a Risen from the chaotic ranks of the tanar'ri, Druedadon is a minor demon lord in ascension. Unlike most others of his kind, he is not so prone to fits of rage, just barely concealing his hatred in a facade of refined malice.

Ravel's Last Dance

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Recommended Levels: n/a Born in the Great Swamp, in an obscure Prime Material World known as Terra, Ravel has gone through a life of hardships. The Sacred Swamp is the home of a hardy and religious people. The life is harsh, natural resources are scarce and valuable. Their only source of entertainment is the underground arena.

End of Time

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Recommended Levels: n/a The Outer Planes

The First Creature

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Recommended Levels: n/a In Sigil, a mishappen barmy known only as the Prophet, announces the End of Time. The Beginning and the End. The Unity of Rings. Those who dare listen to this bizarre prophet, whose eyes have been sewed together, hear of things most disturbing. He speaks of the First Creature, a being called Adam, lost in the depths of the Inner Planes. He speaks of the coming of the Devourer of Worlds, of wars that will change the face of the Planes.

Astral 'Weather'

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The Astral Plane seems, to the casual observer, to be a bleak and endless expanse of silver nothingness, interrupted only by the appearance of matter from other planes of existence. And such is indeed the case - for the most part. A few instances of natural disruption in this otherwise placid state do exist, though, sweeping across the Astral in a manner similar to weather patterns and storm fronts common to other planes of existence.

Head or tail

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Beholder Racial Class

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