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Dungeons 'R Us!

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All right, now, you didn't hear this dark from me, but...

On the nature of Sigillian portals

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The portals of Sigil. Such a delightful mix of interversal unity that ultimately disgusts everyone as much as it fascinates them in the end. I've taken to studying these portals to allow for some musings as to what their purpose may be.To begin this essay let me introduce a fun scientific fact about the portals of Sigil: They take time. It's true, I've witnessed this myself. The importance of this may elude you, but it's a simple enough experiment if you'll indulge me for a some minutes.The receipe:

A Just-So Story

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Best Beloved, would you like to hear how Slaad got his ranks? No? Shall I get out the... oh, I knew you'd see it my way. When the gods of creation made the First Mortal, they gave him the task of naming every creature in existence. (I'll show you what hard is, Best Beloved, if you don't shut up).

Ixian Baneseek

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Mithra, the Rogue Angel

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Wars are fought between the celestials, too, and though theirs are kept secret, they are no less Bloody. It was one such war that sparked the rise of one Meitros Manycolor, planetar deva and Lord Commander of the Radiant Host.

Belief: An Alternate Faction System

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BeliefsThe in the Planescape setting, there are a number of philosophies attempting to influence the multiverse. While not quite an occupation like a class, they're a bit more potent than your normal feat might represent. Thusly, the concept of bloodlines from Unearthed Arcana has been adopted in order to better represent them.

Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon

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The Unbroken Circle of ZerthimonFirst Circle of Zerthimon

Elemental Wine

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Taken from the many cookbooks of Holos Qi, an exceptional planar traveler and the finest gourmand in the Inner Planes.

Of Fear

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We all know fear. Apprehension in difficult situations. The fear for loved ones. Panic even, when all we thought we knew crumbles around us. But it is a natural thing. Instincts of self-preservation come to the fore to warn us from impending danger. Surely there can be nothing harmful in that?

To be Zerth

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"Our zerths tell us that it all began with a single word, uttered in reverence many millennia from tomorrow. And that word... was 'freedom'. The legends they sing do not tell us much. These tales do not tell us how or why they came to walk among us... to lead our entire race from the depths of slavery to the threshold of liberation in a better tomorrow. The legends are empty of any true facts, but we would not have them any other way.

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