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Annam, the All-Father,Annam, the All-Father, is the creator god of the Giant Pantheon. He is said to have been born from the primal forces of Chaos and Law. He is wise, learned, and philosophical, but also lustful, instinctive, and unpredictable. He foresees the future but cannot prepare for it. He originally lived in Ysgard, in a realm called Gudheim, but later moved to his Hidden Realm in the Outlands. Monster Mythology recounted a number of myths involving Annam, many of them at odds with one another and with the Forgotten Realms version.

Some of them include:

  • Annam created all the worlds of the Material+Plane.
  • Annam created the worlds of the Material Plane with the aid of the gods of other races.
  • Annam is the sleeping god whose dreams form the stuff of reality (this is the storm giant version).
  • Annam retreated to his hidden realm in despair over the strife between his sons.
  • Annam fled to his hidden realm to escape the wrath and nagging of his many wives and concubines.
  • Annam retired to his hidden realm in the Outlands to rest and recover from his wounds after an epic battle with the evil giant god, Memnor.
  • Annam departed for his crystal tower because he tired of having to watch over countless worlds and conflicts; in his realm a mechanical
    orrery of the multiverse simulates the perfection he craves.
  • Most of all, Annam sorrows because, after all his conquests and consorts, he has no wife who is his equal (see Othea for more on Annam's marital history).

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