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Hel is the Norse Power of death, a daughter of Loki and Angur-boda. She receives the spirits of those who die by diseases and old age, locking them behind the impregnable walls and gates of her Realm of Niflheim, the land of mists, in the Gray Waste. Located beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, Niflheim is not a realm of eternal punishment. Nevertheless, it is not a pleasant place, either. It is a land of eternal cold, mist, and darkness.

Hel can cause plagues and pestilence upon the Prime+Material with a wave of her hand. Any mortal looking upon her face falls ill, suffering a permanent loss of vitality lest it is cured with magic. Even after the cure, the victim never fully recovers. In her true form, Hel is a statuesque woman completely white on the left side of her body and black on the right side. The white side of her face has no features.

Hel is a grim and fierce deity, mercilessly striking down those who offend her. Occasionally, she finds a mortal man attractive and will send her avatar to fetch him.

In the Astromundi+Cluster, she is known as Gelanicus.

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