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Plague-Mort, the Gate-town to the Abyss, is a collection of shacks, kips, and ruins huddled about the shining silver tower where the Burg's ruler, the Arch-Lector Byrri Yarmoril, holds court. The portal to the Abyss is in the tower; it leads near the town of Broken Reach in the Plain of Infinite Portals.

Plague-Mort is dingy, dangerous, diseased, and full of evil humanoids as well as Tanar'ri. Despite this, the town is a fairly popular spot for those intending to trade with the Abyss or other Lower Planes. Perhaps the portal convenient, or the taxes are low. Byrri Yarmoril, a Tiefling priest of some secretive and destructive goddess, is eager for visitors.

Every Arch-Lector Plague-Mort has ever had has pledged to deliver the town to the Abyss, and all of them - save one, who according to local legend was the Lady of Pain herself - has fulfilled that promise. Most think the loss of this version of Plague-Mort is only a matter of time.

Plague-Mort is kept in terrified submission by the Arch-Lector's guard of human/Tanar'ri crossbreeds, known as the Hounds. A planar Sect called the Illuminated also calls Plague-Mort home.

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