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Dungeon World(s)

Has anybody taken a look at this?

Dungeon World

So far I've only been a player in one session, but my interest is well and truly piqued. It strikes me as being closer to the sort of Planescape games I want to run-- not so granular in its ruleset, or bound to the map grid, simple but rewarding. I particularly like the give-and-take between the player and GM, where the pass-fail boundary is more of a gradient. I think it formalizes something that was largely unspoken in earlier editions of D&D, and was sort of lost in translation by 3.5e, especially when 3rd Ed was the first D&D for a lot of my peers.

I love the fighter's signature weapon, the druid's land-based shapeshifting, the way spellcasting works, the way starting gear is set up as something of a defining choice, rather than being trivial. I can easily see the end-of-session questions changing to ask if you advanced your faction's goals in some way, or even being different for each faction. I get why they limited the races available to classes (to evoke a certain old-school aesthetic) but I can see how it's simple enough to plug and play other options. Stranger options. Planar options.

Also, there's this:

Planarch Codex
Additional tidbits:

So... Would anyone be interested in running or playing in a pbp game? Even if you're not, any thoughts on adapting Dungeon World or Apocalypse World for Planescape?

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Re: Dungeon World(s)

Interesting stuff. I definitely need to read up on this. I'd love to try out a game but it might be awhile.


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Re: Dungeon World(s)

That's an interesting thought. Mayhap something situated in, or notably connected to, the inner planes?

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