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Long Overdue: Code Upgrade, Server Upgrade


We have moved to new, and hopefully better hardware! Along with this move came a bunch of updates to our code base. Please let me know if you spot something wonky.

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Long Overdue: Code Upgrade, Server Upgrade

What it says folks.

I've let the site sit for far longer than I should have (which I owe you guys a huge apology for). We're going to move to a new better server, get an update to the code on the site and generally get some of the material better organized between now and the end of the year.

The first step to that of course is getting a new server where things are less likely to fall over and die on us. We'll be moving from Dreamhost to Linode hopefully this weekend (30th/1st).

Then we'll get the rest of the updates out from there.

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Re: Long Overdue: Code Upgrade, Server Upgrade

Thanks Clueless, much appreciated.

Reminds me I should check with Mogget about the zine...


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Re: Long Overdue: Code Upgrade, Server Upgrade

Good to hear!

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Re: Long Overdue: Code Upgrade, Server Upgrade

You're alive! That's good!

Looking forward to the new digs.

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