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Kaolin Moly Mu of Stray Manor

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Standing just over seven feet tall this odd priestess from the Prime Material has set up shop with her household in the Lady's Ward in the former Guvvner's mansion now known as Stray Manor.

Sporting gliding membranes that stretch from wrist to ankle, and a thick coat of orange fur the most clothing she generally wears is a simple tabbard with the symbol of the Planewalker's Guild on it. When she extends her arms it is easy to see the twin Celestian holy symbols tattooed on her gliding membranes.

The Misfits

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The Misfits “We Go Where Evil Dares!”

Violetta, The Masked Bard (Prime, Helbred F, Bard/Wilder): Found on the streets of Dragon Rock and taken in by one of Lucille’s Girls she has been building a rep as a budding virtuoso. She has teamed up with the others while she tries to discover who she was prior to being reborn as a Helbred.

Volume 2, Issue 4 : "We're Sorry, Estavan"

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Newsboy-LSE"Hear ye, berks and cutters! I have here a new issue of the Lady's Sharper Eye - 2 stingers and all the latest dark of the Cage at ye fingertips and on your tounge! Get yer copy! Get two copies! Share with your friends! Today's news: We're Sorry - we didn't mean to say Estavan is a Punk - Merely a Reprobate! Also - Planes Shifting - World May be Ending... Again!"

The Reconciliation

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“Any enemy of The Great Enemy can be my friend … for a time.” - Gith.

Letters From The Blood War II

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"My body aches to breathe your breath, your words keep me alive..." -Possession

My Ziporra,

Letters From The Blood War I

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Dear Ananki,

I hope you and Ademtus are doing well. Please find enclosed my payment from the Baatezu. It should be enough to keep the room in the Hive you two are staying in. I know there is nothing Good inside these devils, but I have to admit being paid on time has its own virtue. And we are killing demons, just like the ones that killed my father. But I'm not writing to argue about this. In fact I wanted to say again how sorry I am for the way I left. I hope seeing the gold coins helps you understand that I did this for us and for Ademtus.

The Alternative Guide to the City of Doors

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Welcome, esteemed readers, to "Queer Sigil" - this primer on the lively, dynamic, alternate face of Sigil. Adventurers used to narrow-minded theocracies and insular, soulless Prime worlds take heed – Sigil will, by its very nature, offer a breadth of experience beyond the realms of your very imagination...still, we're here to talk about more practical matters. Seeking a contact? Looking to unwind? Need a lead into the next dungeon? Sigil's patchwork of life and energy will doubtless throw something up, so follow me, your impeccably-travelled guide, into this portal of the delicious and the sublime...

A Selection of Stones from the Sensorium

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This is a collection of sensations hand selected from the vaults of the Society of Sensation. They reflect a variety of lives and experiences that will enrich any who would choose to consider them.

And without further delay:

The Inhabitants of Stray Manor, Lady's Ward

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According to the lies they tell when bubbed, the Seven Stars gained possession of Stray Manor from the Lady herself. Obviously they were addlepated during that ruckus months back, they all have the overconvinced glare of the barmy about them. What ruckus? The one where some bubbers and clueless swore they saw an actual Power in Sigil, when it was actually just some vicious arcane storms. Everybody knows Powers cannot enter The Cage, especially third rate Powers like Vecna... -Silvar the Bowseller, Market Ward


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Just Surviving Umbril [Sigil's Undercity] Copyright © 1998 of Scott Kelley Edited and adapted by Brannon Hollingsworth & Scott Kelley Hearsay:

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