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The Planewalker's Guild

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Guildmaster: Balthasar Thames (CG male human Wiz13)Faction/Sect Symbol: The Guild’s symbol is that of a golden doorway over a silver staircase, at the base of which lies a blue enamel river and brown enamel tree roots. The symbol is often embroidered upon a sash or worn upon a belt, amulet, ring, or most commonly a broach.

The Cutter's Vineyard

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Original concept by Todd Stewart (Shemeska the Marauder)Current incarnation by Hayley Dawson (Fyrehowl)

The Universal Society

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(The Universalists, The All-Believers)

Adamok Ebon

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The bladeling hunter known as Adamok Ebon is one of those cutters that almost every Cager can tell you about, as long as you don't need any details. While most recognize her spiky 7-ft. frame, and know she's a hired chiv for Shemeska the Marauder, the common chant doesn't go far beyond that. Of course, if you have the right jink and the right connections, you can get the right chant as well...

The Relativists

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This is the introduction to a sect I am developing. They are a planar group dedicated to finding the "relativity" of all things in the multiverse. It is their philosophy that should one learn about the weave of relativity that lies behind all creation, then one will truly understand the interconnectedness of all things in creation.

Planar Artists

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I intend to create several more, when the campaign resumes in late January 2005, but for now, I present these three artists in the hopes that you might find them of some use in your campaigns should the need arise.

The Source

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While travelling home on the train from work (a great place to do some good quality thinking BTW), I began thinking about the concepts behind a book on the belief of samsara and the Indian philosophies that I am currently reading. I started to consider the aspects of belief beyond the whole notion of samsara, specifically, it's relation to the philosophy of the Godsmen. I thought about the idea that life is the forge that shapes one in each incarnation, constantly testing us to attain greater levels of power.

Helm of the Dabus

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HELM OF THE DABUS [Wondrous Item]

The Inevitable

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The Marut moved with slow, inexorable purpose. Too long had this one defied the laws of the multiverse. Too long had this one lingered on and not suffered the chalk white hand of death itself to close their eyes as all beings must eventually. Years had stretched to decades, decades to centuries, and long centuries to millennia and still had this one not fallen into dust, but lingered on by will and unholy sorcery. But laws were laws, laws were everything, and all must bow before them. The Marut walked on.

Sigil Marketplace Encounters

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Surviving the Cage Sigil Marketplace Encounters Copyright © 1999 by Heiner de Wendt - Being a collection of useful places within the City of Doors, what a body can gain therein, and who is doin' the sellin'... -Arborean Cheese, in different sizes and states (some like it hot; some like it rotten). Red-eyed halfling tiefling, CG alignment.

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