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Recommended Levels: n/a Author: [The Award Winning ;)]Jacob DriscollEmail:


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Recommended Levels: n/a Bal-aasi


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Lay o' the Land Krijjt Copyright © 1999 by "You're going where? You don't want to go there, friend, unless you've got pinchers and sixteen legs. You wouldn't fit in."

Cranium Rats (Pack)

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*** This is a greatly outdated attempt at this concept. For a newer version work in progress check here: /forum/cranium-rats-swarm-pc-wip

Personality: Cranium rats are verminous creatures not uncommon in Sigil and pestilent cities of the Lower Planes. Cranium rats are distinguishable from their normal cousins by the pulsating brains that protrude from the tops of their skulls. They are many creatures and one all at once, for they possess a type of group mind. This is a modification of the Monster: Cranium Rats entry by James O'Rance.

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