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Cager Portal Chant

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Just Surviving Cager Portal Chant

New Nimur

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Lay o' the Land New Nimur Copyright © 1999 by "We called it Clueless Street, and laughed, but I'll tell you: those cutters are tough!"

The Planarium

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Just Surviving The Planarium Copyright © 1998 of Joshua Jarvis Edited and adapted by Brannon Hollingsworth Hearsay:


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Lay o' the Land Shadowtown Copyright © 1999 by "Shadytown's the best! Not too dark, not too light, it's perfect for those of us who can't make up our minds."

Harmony House

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Lay o' the Land Harmony House Copyright © 1999 by Torsten Bernhardt Most see the Harmonium as a faction that is more than willing to beat in the head of anyone that disagrees with them, and the actions of a substantial portion of the Hardheads gives them their all-too-well deserved nickname. There does exist a substantial number of members who disagree with this tactic and believe that true harmony will only come when all willingly accept the faction's beliefs.

The Laugh

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The Laugh Copyright © ???? of Maks Herbal Sundries Located in the fringes of the Bazaar, Maks Herbal Sundries is contained in an burlap tent with wooden walls on two sides, the front is filled with a table displaying wares, and the fourth side is burlap that is usually pulled shut- that is unless a basher is perusing Maks "special" merchandise.

Trader's Portal

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Trader's PortalCopyright © 1999 by Bart van RietA small house in the Guildhall Ward contains a bedroom on the second floor. The window of this bedroom is the location of a strange permanent portal. The portal leads to a wagon owned by Mear. Mear is an Arcane who travels across the multiverse.

The Underground

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The UndergroundCopyright © 1999 by Nathan WhiteChant

The Temple of the Titans

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The Locals The Temple of the Titans Copyright © 1998 of Morgan Barry, Edited by Brannon Hollingsworth Description:

The Flip Side

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Just Surviving The Flip Side Copyright © 1998 of The Bazzalisk

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