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Hive Ward by Night

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Lay o' the Land Hive Ward by Night Copyright © 1999 by Leonardo Wilhelm Random encounters (roll 1d12) 01-Encounter a barmy Ooze orc bard from the Hive, who is singing lullabies. 02-Slums are full of disease, have them find out the effect of some lower planar ones on the humanoid body.


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Lay o' the Land Lilliput Copyright © 1999 by "Isn't that cute?" Lilliput is a number of streets in miniature, located in the Lady's Ward. The Lilliputians are very small creatures: sprites, grigs, jermalaines, and miniaturized humans, tieflings and fiends. Everything they could need is within these doll-sized roads and buildings: food, shops, places of employment, touts, and tiny little portals to tiny little planes and realms.

The Planerat's Guild

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The Planerat's GuildCopyright © 1999 by

Sigil Marketplace

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Lay o' the Land Marketplace Encounters Copyright © 1999 by Heiner de Wendt -Arborean Cheese, in different sizes and states (some like it hot; some like it rotten). Red-eyed halfling tiefling, CG. -Beastlands boots, this stand is a bit bigger as the merchant is actually a shoemaker directly fulfilling people's demands. All shoes and boots are made from leather of beasts from the Beastlands. Merchant is a githzerai; CN.

The Underground

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The UndergroundCopyright © 1999 by Nathan WhiteChant

Climate of Sigil

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Lay o' the Land Climate of Sigil Copyright © 1999 by Paul Lefebvre I have always thought of Sigil as a rather frightening and disturbing place, partly because there is very little natural life. No crickets, and few birds - aside from caged ones, and executioners' ravens.

The Cracks

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The CracksCopyright © 1999 by "A nice place. It's a little ethnic for my tastes, but whatever floats yer balloon, or your disembodied head, or what ever it is you've got."

The Facades

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The FacadesCopyright © 1999 by "Who says things got to make sense?"The Facades are a row of buildings in the Clerks Ward with no backsides. From the front, they're populated and active. From the back, they don't exist at all. There's nothing there but wide-open street, easily walked. Turn around and they're there again.

The Half-mazes

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The Half-mazesCopyright © 1999 by "The Lady always finishes everything she does. It's just that no one knows quite what she's doing."

Grub & Bub

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Just Surviving Grub & Bub

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