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Illithid House

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Just Surviving Illithid House Copyright © 1999 by Torsten Bernhardt The habits of the illithids are enough to make even an experienced adventurer blanch, and they find themselves hunted on countless Prime worlds. With a blood feud with the githyanki and githzerai that has been going on for untold millennia and a foul reputation with everyone else, a secret place far from peery eyes is needed, even in an otherwise permissive place like Sigil.

The Smiling Shelter

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The Smiling ShelterCopyright © 1999 by Antonio BlascoThis little tavern is located near the Great Bazaar in the Merchant's Ward. It's like most other taverns in the Cage and around the multiverse, but there are some things that make it very special. The owner is an Indep named Marla Boldsmile (Pl/female human/0/FL/NG). Appropriate to her tavern's name, she has a wide smile to welcome everybody who enters.

Tanar'ri Draught

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Just Surviving Tanar'ri Draught [bub] Copyright © 1999 by Nytechylde Cost: 5 jink a shot (about one ounce)Per bottle: 100 jink

Club Euphoria

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Just Surviving Club Euphoria Copyright © 1999 by Nathan White Chant

Eat Yourself

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Just Surviving Eat Yourself Copyright © 1999 by Leo This place has existed for two decades under the steady hand of the gourmet Finiod (Pl/male nabassu/Sensate/CE). It changes location every two or three months, never staying in one place longer than six consecutive months.

Fear Factory

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Just Surviving Fear Factory Copyright © 1999 by Nathan White The Chant

The Frost Salamander

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The Frost SalamanderCopyright © 1999 by "It's a great little inn, but it's not even as warm as it sounds."The Frost Salamander is an inn in the lower ward catering to cold-loving creatures. It's built, at great expense, on a floor of Eternal Ice and contains facilities for gelugons, amnizu, gehreleths from Porphatys and Agathys, creatures from Mungoth and Krangath, the planes of Ice and Ash, Jotenheim, and arctic material worlds. The locals recommend the ice-brewed beer. It's excellent.

Berronar's on Dossy

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Just Surviving Berronar's on Dossy Copyright © 1999 by Nathan White Berronar's is a top-shelf establishment providing Sigil's noble elite with an elegant and sophisticated restaurant to dine at when their palates are in need of reviving after a sample of the fare that other restaurants within the Lady's Ward have the audacity to call food.

Casa de Tiefer

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Just Surviving Casa de Tiefer [Advocate Firm] Copyright © 1999 by Scott Perry Creative Solutions

Sigilian Flora

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The Locals Sigilian Flora Copyright © 1998 by Leo "Flora in Sigil, what blasphemy," the pretentious berks will say. "The realists know that everything exists everywhere."

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