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Berronar's on Dossy

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Just Surviving Berronar's on Dossy Copyright © 1999 by Nathan White Berronar's is a top-shelf establishment providing Sigil's noble elite with an elegant and sophisticated restaurant to dine at when their palates are in need of reviving after a sample of the fare that other restaurants within the Lady's Ward have the audacity to call food.

Casa de Tiefer

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Just Surviving Casa de Tiefer [Advocate Firm] Copyright © 1999 by Scott Perry Creative Solutions

Ashkara's Domain

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An exerpt from the Notes of Dr Byran Lorft - Senior consultant of the mind, The Fraternity of Order.Day 14, Year the eighth:

Desire and the Dead

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Desire and the Dead is a Planescape adventure for a party of four to six adventurers who are of levels 1 to 3. In which the party is hired to protect a neighborhood only to find themselves under the shadow of three factions, and caught in the bloody aftermath. (4/28/08)

Uliusshuk, Illithid Sensate

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Generally, I would turn down a brain as insipid and uninspiring as yours. In your case, I’ll make an exception.--Uliusshuk, illithid performance-eater"Uliusshuk? (That’s ooh-lee-oos-SHOOHK. Note the pronunciation, berk.) He’s a mind flayer. An illithid. I know freakish Sensates like you think he’s charismatic, but he’s a brain-sucking monster, okay? Just making sure that’s clear.

Jack Hammer McStoneface, Private Eye

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"Bullets were falling like rain. And I was getting soaked."
-Jack Hammer McStoneface in It Always Rains, Chapter 8

The Planescape Survival Guide - Aoskar

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The Sigil Daily News presents... the Planescape Survival Guide, for berks, clueless, and even true cutters everywhere!Entry #2... Aoskar, God of PortalsFrom the Planescape Survival Guide


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A lot of adventurers, from the looks of their character sheets, carry everything they own and have nothing much invested in long-term assets. But you? You're a Cager, cutter!

The Apple Vampire

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The air was thick, almost like dirty water, and the guests were more than fitting: Demonic creatures, mephits, even a steam elemental. As one of the rare mortals, Alluenith felt like he'd die any moment - whether more probable by suffocating or by being torn apart by one of the demons, he could not say.
At last, he found the person... creature... he was looking for. He gave him a friendly nod, then sat down at the table.
"So... what is it you wanted me to come here for?"
"I have... a story for you. You are one of these newsrag writers, correct?"

3.5 ed Update to Harbinger House Module

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Harbinger House - Conversion 3.5

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