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The Planes


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4E Planscape: The Factions

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Within Sigil and the planes exist Factions, organizations which adhere to a certain belief, which shapes the multiverse even further to their ideal. Indeed, many call them philosophers with clubs.

They hold many positions in the City of Doors and run many of the services, from the prisons held by the Mercykillers, to the Foundry worked by the Believers of the Source, to the Dustmen operating the Mortuary.

Conversion Guide for Planescape to Mage: the Ascension

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A while ago I was emailed a copy of a conversion for Planescape to Mage: the Ascension. At the time I had no idea who the author was, so it took quite awhile for me to track down Mr. James O'Rance. I recently got in touch with Mr. O'Rance and he graciously gave us permission to host his work.

Conversion Guide for Planescape to HERO

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HERO Games Janus Aran has put together a conversion for Planescape (in 2nd and 3.x formats) to his preferred system: HERO. Here you will find Janus's conversion guide for Planescape to HERO, the first in our efforts to bring the Planes to other systems.

PathFinder Planes: Interview with Todd Stewart (Part 2)

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Welcome back! This is part two of our interview with Todd Stewart, the primary designer of Piazo's Pathfinder Setting Cosmology. If you haven't read part one yet - go read! Then get right on back here. Our second half of this interview focuses on the Inner Planes, and some overall questions about the cosmology and how to go about using it in a game. Settle back and listen up...

PathFinder Planes: Interview with Todd Stewart

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There've been a lot of questions floating around our forums about the planes in this new age of gaming we've found ourselves in. Which is to say, a lot of the folks around here have been looking at the Planes in 4th edition, and the Planes in Paizo's Pathfinder setting and wondering just where their own Planar adventures would fit best.

Faction Domains

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Any faction would find clerics useful -- even the Athar have priests of the Great Unknown -- but clerics of particular gods or belief systems will either be namers only, or divided in their beliefs, unless they honestly consider their religion and their faction philosophy to meld into a single spiritual path. More common than such theological balancing acts might simply be those clerics who draw their power from the faction philosophy.

Blade of Innocence 2: Ramifications

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A single fly screeching cannot be heard. But billions of billions of them, each a traitor born of the same betrayal, is a cacophony. Memories are harmless so long as the feeling of the past is barred.


The ecstasy nearly throws him off his mount. A beautifully scented twist in the spacial folds, a delicious contradiction within the orders of infinity. Why had he not felt this before? He is always smiling, but this time there is truth to it. He turned his bronze mount with a tap of his scythe. He must, after so long, speak with his sister.

Blade of Innocence: Introduction

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The suspected dark lord Creus was once, like all the dark lords, a resident of a different plane. Creus was a warrior-mage of considerable repute, seen as the protector of his country Avaldia. Born in a time of war, war was all Creus knew. Selected as a child for training, Creus's life was circumscribed by two types of persons--those who were enemies and those who were expendable to ensure the defeat of enemies.

The Sunset

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And so it came to pass that the thief (for that was his profession, and he was very good at what he did) found himself sitting besides the paladin (for that was her profession, and she was just as good at it if not better) and watching the sun set fire to the ocean for the hundredth time. And for the hundredth time, the thief said to his friend, lover, and wife:

"Penny for your thoughts. But I expect change."

"Keep it. You need it to buy new jokes."

"I thought you liked my old ones."

The Planes reordered: 4E Planescape

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I would like to first thank David "Zeb" Cook and the entire Planescape team for coming up with the a way to make Gary Gygax's idea of other dimensions of existence even more thoughtful, funny, cosmopolitan and all together fun, along with many anonymous planewalkers over here who helped out a green like me. I would secondly like to thank the Dungeon Master's Guide II for inspiration for this idea in a relatively short, but insightful sidebar.

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