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The Planes


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Dragons Upon the Many Planes

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Planescape through a Vernian lens: SteamPlanes

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Planescape is a setting that lends itself to re-visioning, and modification for any time, place or mood. In that vein we present a primer on Planescape in the Vernian style (as in Jules) - a Victorian steam-punk vision of the planes as presented by Kobold Avenger.

Ijien Deepseeker

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“Dragons are glorious beings, both inside and out. Unlocking their mysteries strips none of that away”History and Goals

Yazakouris, the Prophet

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Were it not for the powerful protection of Bel Aloth, and others within the Wasting Tower, I am certain one of our kind would have released Yazakouris the Prophet from his suffering long ago. It is not in our nature to abide weakness, much less endure his broken mind. One might say that his many flaws are his own; yet, at the same time, the Prophet is neither more nor less than what we have made him into. He is not entirely to blame for his pathetic condition.

Ergosal, The Betrayer

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Ergosal: The Betrayer (Demi-God) If you find someone who claims to hold the true tale of how this god came to his power, take it with a grain of sand. It's seems this god has managed to cloak his origin in the dark, and seeks to keep it that way.

The Great Lord

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Since a few years Sigil-time, more and more talk about a new Abyssal lord comes from chant-mongers in the Cage and elsewhere. Most just call him "The Great Lord", and the darks told usually contradict each other heavily - yet it's possible they are all true. Rumours have it The Great Lord is not a "normal" Abyssal Lord - if you can consider any Abyssal Lord "normal" - but the combined belief of a whole bunch of Abyssal Princes, rulers of palaces and fortresses in the Abyss' first layer.

The Tree of Woe

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The Tree of Woe is a great iron shaft set in a pool of lava from which intermittent bars extend like angular branches. Green steel cages dangle from these limbs, and in each cage languishes a prisoner condemned to eternal suffering and deathless agony, for the Tree slowly sinks into the lava, sometimes by as much as an inch each day, until both cages and prisoners are consumed. The Baatezu constantly add to its height as well, crafting more cages to replace those lost to the fire.

The Sanctifiers

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The sanctifiers believe that your experiences define your morality – evil things taught or done can blinker your outlook and weaken your chance of redemption. Past sins and failures also weigh heavy on a body, further hindering your ascension to goodness. Therefore the best way to redeem a soul is to wipe away their history with a dip in the River Styx… then apply care, kindness, and retraining to show them the light. Philosophy: Wipe away your evil past to embrace a future of goodness.

Planetouched Templates

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Planetouched Templates:
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What's the Point?

The Sanctifiers

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"Your first three questions are probably 'where am I?', 'who am I?' and 'who are you?' - let's get you dried off and answer them shall we?"

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