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The Planes


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Coupe Compatissante

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Coupe Compatissante Transmutation Level: Mercy 3 Components: V,S,DF Time: One standard actionTarget: Creature touchedRange: Touch Effect: Duration: 10 minutes/level Save: Will negates (harmless) Spell Resistance: Yes During the spell's duration, all of the subject's attacks (weapons, spells, psi


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Given Power: You may freely substitute lethal for nonlethal damage when you cast an offensive clerical spell. You make the choice when you start casting the spell.

Entropic Prescision

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Type: Faction Nothing escapes the touch of Entropy, and to a trained Doomguard not even the tiniest weakness or crack goes unnoticed. Even the best-built wall, if struck with sufficient force in the right place, will crumble. Faction: DoomguardRequirements: Entropy Everywhere, Search 5 ranks

Head or tail

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More Belief

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More Belief: Dustmen, Free League, Transcendent OrderBack when I ran Planescape with my new Belief system, my players with "minor factions wanted more out of their beliefs! So, I expanded their factions, giving them major versions to round them out. These have also been adjusted with playtest and player feedback, and update and replace the previous versions of these factions.

The Atomic Theory of Magic

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 Magic and nature. Somebody tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say those two words. For me, it’s a druid, a mage who slings spells in the name of the natural world. Their magic greatly consists of effects that alter plants or animals, or creates and destroys such things. That, however, is merely a cantrip in the connection or simulation of magic and nature. 


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Given Power: You may succeed in actions that others believe impossible,if you truly believe that you will suceed.Once per day, choose a practically impossible task. A practically impossible task is one that you wouldn's succeed at,even if you rolled a natural 20. You may attempt a single check to succeed on this task with a +15 morale bonus.

A Tale In The Dark

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I. Of the Narrator Sit yerself down, cutter. You’ve come far, yes, and you’ve journeyed bravely and what is more, wisely. I’m not an easy one to find. By design, I assure you, and when you’ve supped your fill you’ll be glad of it. Gold, is that? Magic, too? Precious and powerful, but no. I’ve no need of trinkets and baubles. True power has but one currency and I’m rich enough in it already: knowledge.

Improved teleport capacity

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Type: Special Prerequisites: Teleport as a spell like abilityBenefit: A creatures max teleport capacity is itself plus any gear weighing no more than its heavy load.


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