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The Planes


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Preserve Abjuration (Chronomancy) Level: Clr 2, Sor/Wiz 2 Components: V, S, M Time: 1 full roundTarget: -Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)Area: One 10-ft.

Chronoplasmic skin

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Chronoplasmic skin Abjuration (Chronomancy) Level: Sor/Wiz 1 Components: V Time: 1 standard actionTarget: YouRange: PersonArea: - Effect: - Duration: 1 minute per level Save: - Spell Resistance: No This spell creates a thin crystalline layer of chronoplasm on your skin, p

Magic Manager

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Magic Manager Transmutation (Chronomancy) Level: Sor/Wiz 6 Components: V, S, M Time: 1 standard actionTarget: YouRange: PersonalArea: - Effect: - Duration: 1 round/2 levels Save: - Spell Resistance: No This spell speeds up your spellcasting process greatly, granting you a

Sands of Time

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Sands of Time Transmutation (Chronomancy) Level: Sor/Wiz 5 Components: V, S, M Time: 1 full roundTarget: One Small object per caster level; see textRange: Close (25 ft + 5 ft./2 levels) Effect: Duration: Instantaneous Save: None (object) Spell Resistance: No This spell restores any object decay


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Given Power: Once per day, the cleric can surround himself with a fear aura. All enemies within 30 feet must suceed at a will saving throw against a DC of 10 + 1/2 the cleric's class level + the cleric's charisma modifier or become shaken for 1 minute, suffering a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saves and checks. If a creatures fails its save by 4 or more points, it instead becomes frightened for 1d6 rounds and after that remains shaken until a minute passes. This is a supernatural effect.

Siphon Power

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Siphon Power Universal Level: Power 9 Components: V,S Time: 1 standard actionTarget: Creature TouchedRange: Touch Effect: Duration: Instantaneous Save: Will negates (See Text) Spell Resistance: Yes With this spell, you can strip other creatures of their power and use it to boost yours.


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Given Power: You gain a +1 bonus on all opposed checks.Note: Siphon Power is a new spell by the same author.

Merciful Weapon

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Merciful Weapon Transmutation Level: Clr 1*, Mercy 1, Pal 1* Components: V,S,DF Time: 1 standard actionTarget: Weapon touched or fifty projectiles (all of which must be in contact with each other at the time of casting)Range: Touch Effect: Duration: 1 hour/level Save: Will Negates (Harmless, Object) Spell Resistance:

Detect Destruction

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Detect Destruction Divination Level: Entropy 1 Components: Somatic Time: 1 standard actionTarget: One destroyed itemRange: Touch Effect: Duration: Up to three rounds(see text) Save: None Spell Resistance: No Upon casting this spell, you can touch one destoyed (or dead) item.

A Study of the Astral Dreadnaught (Chapter 6)

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In my search for clues as to the identity and nature of the Astral Dreadnought, that vicious beast that scours the Astral Plane in its constant search for food and prey, I have come across several startling books as well as theories which all the facts I currently possess seem to support.

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