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3.0 / 3.5 Edition


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Planejammer: About The Current Campaign

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Planejammer: Geonomicon Ruleset: DND 3.5, with extensive house rules Setting: Spelljammer / Planescape Rating: Adult themes, NSFW Emphasis: Role Playing, not roll playing, XP bonuses for good characterization are common Frequency: Thursday nights, 7pm till 11pm Psionics: Yes, Psionics Are Different rules

Desire and the Dead

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Desire and the Dead is a Planescape adventure for a party of four to six adventurers who are of levels 1 to 3. In which the party is hired to protect a neighborhood only to find themselves under the shadow of three factions, and caught in the bloody aftermath. (4/28/08)

PSCS: DM Screens

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DM Screens - We just completed our second draft of our screens for the Planescape setting, one for 3.0 and one for 3.5. These are four panel screens complete with some art for your players to stare at while you pontificate. We have them in two formats, the first in four pages to be printed out on your home printer the second in a single wide panel if you wish to print it at your local print shop.

PSCS: Chapter 1

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Introduction – This is an introduction to the Planescape Campaign Setting, including information about the PS3E project, the history and themes of Planescape, and a description of the cosmology itself.

PSCS: Chapter 2

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Races - This chapter introduces players to the 17 standard Planescape races, and deals with as well home planes, monstrous races, prestige races, languages, and character regions.

PSCS: Chapter 3

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Factions - This chapter introduces the 16 major factions of the multiverse, including the history of the factions and a detailed description of each group. This chapter also explains everything a player needs to know about being a member faction and using the material found in Chapter 4.

Now includes prestige classes, including those graciously provided by

PSCS: Chapter 4

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Feats and Skills - This chapter contains updated and additional skills for a Planescape campaign. It also includes well over 100 new regional and faction feats, with about 9 feats per faction alone.

Now includes prestige classes, including those graciously provided by

PSCS: Chapter 5

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Magic - Magic is an essential element of the planes, and the types of magic are a lot more varied. Included here are rules on some new types of magic as well as spells specific to planar life or the factions themselves.

PSCS: Chapter 6

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Life in the Multiverse - This chapter contains a wealth of information about the planes and those who live in them. A perfect resource for bringing life to your Planescape campaign.

PSCS: Chapter 7

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Sigil - This chapter provides players and DMs with a complete guide to Sigil, the City of Doors, a central metropolis in the multiverse and the main city for many Planescape games. Written from a planar perspective, for planar characters familiar with the Cage, the level of detail should please all readers.

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