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Red Map


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This item appears to be nothing more than a single sheet of ancient parchment. The parchment has a reddish tint to it and is covered in a wide range of odd squiggles and diagrams. If they are watched closely, they will be seen to slowly move. Copying any route that the map displays always proves impossible.

To use this item, the holder must visualize a destination and then pour some of his own blood on the map. The blood must be a minimum of 2hp, which causes the map to function for 1 hour. (More blood will not cause it to function longer.) The symbols will then resolve themselves into a map showing one possible path to that destination.

The destination must be known at least by name to the user, and must also be relatively specific (the Red Lion tavern isn't accurate enough - you'd have to specify the street and town for a location like this). The map takes you just one layer at a time, and must be re-activated on a new layer or plane. It should also be noted that the map, which is reputed to be of fiendish origin, does not always show either the fastest or the safest route to the destination, just a possible one. Sometimes, following the map can be a really bad move.

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Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Parchment
Weight: 1
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Re: Red Map

Very good idea. A true planescape item : )

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Re: Red Map

new item in my campaign.

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Re: Red Map

Very nice. I'll be using this one soon!


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Re: Red Map

Wow that was something very interesting, but many questions rolling in mind, first of all every wanna ask after every 1 hour we need to drop our blood or what.

lower back pillow

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Re: Red Map

You can use the hour to copy the map to another piece of paper. That way you only have to reactivate it if the copy is lost or if you change the layer you are in.

But you'd have to know that the duration is quite short - a problem you won't notice if you son't start to use it.

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