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Elemental Plane of Wood


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The Elemental Plane of Wood/Demiplane of Wood

By: Sword of Geddon, and other contributors on the Wizards boardsConsidered to be a true elemental plane by some, a demiplane by others, this plane is a banyan tree with no known root or crown. Seemingly infinite branches spiral like the trunks of Yggdrasil into the distance, and plants of all sorts grow on the trunk.Home to Treants, Shambling Mounds, and Plant-Creatures of all sorts, in addition to nearly every kind of Plant species found on the Prime. In addition, the mysteryious Shad live here in much greater numbers than those found on Elemental Earth, in addition, the Shad found here are slightly taller, and have more greenish skin tones.For those who consider Wood an Element: The nearer to Positive Energy one gets, the more the plants take on a pleasant, flowery feel to them. The natives also have this quality. Eventually, the branches of the plane end and one comes to an endless field of flowers. This is the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Flowers.Going in the opposite direction, the plants have more unpleasant characteristics, such as barbs and thorns, and the plane also becomes darker. Eventually, the branches of the plane become completely tangled in thorns, and one reaches the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Thorns. Not a pleasant place, but liveable, if one is the rugged, tough sort.Para-Elemental Planes Linked to Wood:Coal: The nearer one gets to the border with Fire, the more hot, black, dead and lifeless the branches of the plane seem to get, eventually the branches end, and one gets to a nearly endless sea of coal, which get more red and hotter the closer one gets to Fire.Pollen: The nearer one gets to the border with Air, the more clouded the area around the branches seem to get with yellow clouds. Eventually, the branches end, and one arrives in the endless yellow clouds of the Paraplane of Pollen. This clouds begin to dissipate the closer one gets to Air.Soil: Going down the Great Tree that is Wood, one eventually finds that the branches of the plane become engulfed in dirt. The Paraplane itself lies beneath this. It, like Elemental Earth, is nearly an endless expanse of solid earth. In this cause, the "Earth" is grainy and soft, and can be easily dug threw. "Roots" from the Plane of Wood can be found in various sizes the closer one gets to Wood, while the Soil gets harder, larger, and more rocky the closer one gets to Elemental Earth.Coral: When one travels on Wood towards the border with Water, one may notice nothing at first, other than the fact that the branches of the Plane seem to be going downward. Eventually, colorful growths begin to appear on the branches, and then finally, the branches end, and an endless sea begins.The Paraplane lies beneath this sea.The Paraplane itself is an endless coral reef, with corals ranging in size from normal to the size of continents. Fish from the Elemental Plane of Water swim throughout the demiplane, and living, intelligent creatures composed of coral call the plane home as well. Eventually, the coral reefs begin to break up, making way for an endless expanse of water. This expanse is the Elemental Plane of Water.

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Good idea

This is a great idea! But I recommend that the negative quasi-plane be Rot instead. Perhaps the Plane of Thorns could be the Dread Element of Wood (there's an article on the Dread Elemental Quasi-Planes somewhere around here)

I really like this. DnD needed a Wood Plane. The Para-Planes here are well-thought out, too.

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Good idea

Planescape really needs a Plane of Plants or similar location. This fits the bill perfectly.

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