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This alchemical compound is a mixture of holy water, garlic, and various other herbs that the vampires are known to dislike. Additionally, it contains certain drugs to increase the concentration of these toxins in the blood, as well as to slow down their purge from the body. Drinking an ounce of nosferatutam makes a creature’s blood toxic to vampires.

Alchemy craft DC:25

Special Properties:If the vampire tries to drink the blood of a creature who has drunk nosferatutam in the previous 8 hours, it takes 1d8 points of damage for every constitution point it drains. The effects wear off after about 8 hours.
Cost: 50gp
Weight: 0.1lbs
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Editted for some clarity there. Better?

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Sorry about the confusion.
I am a pharmacist and wanted to say that it contains substances to improve the pharmaucokinetics.
Cluless's edited version looks fine to me.

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"and certain drugs to increase their concentration in blood as well as slow down their purge from the body"

Am I to take it that you mean it also includeds drugs that increase the concentration of these substances in the blood and slow down their purge from the body? THe phraasing is somewhat confusing..


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