This is a snapshot copy of Planewalker before our recent database crash. Please go to for the current site.



We have moved to new, and hopefully better hardware! Along with this move came a bunch of updates to our code base. Please let me know if you spot something wonky.

How to contact us

We are on Twitter under the account @planewalker (

We are also on Facebook at

Lastly we are also on Flickr at

If you need to get hold of us by email, try or

On site we have forums ( ) and private messages as well. So if you need to get hold of us and have no other way, leave a message there and we'll get in touch as soon as we can.

Who to contact

Clueless is the Web Dabus, and general lead on the site. She will field general questions, web related bugs, and any other major issue that needs attention.

Loki is our Voice of the Twitter, Right Hand Dabus, and Inveterate Spelljammer. If you have issues with Twitter or our Facebook page, contact him or if you can't get hold of Clueless to ask a question.

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