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Last Word


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The Last Word is one of the True Words. It is destined to one day end the Multiverse, and speaking it aloud can annihilate anything instantly, even the powers themselves.

The Last Word is too powerful for mortals to even know without it consuming them. Even quasi-deities can be destroyed by its knowledge, although it can take some time before the word destroys them completely.

A more recent catastrophe regarding the Last Word occured when the quasi-deity Tenebrous (An aspect of Orcus) went across the cosmos, killing several minor gods as well as Primus, the leader of the Modrons. Tenebrous took the place of Primus, and used the Modrons as a tool for searching for the Rod of Orcus. This is best known for the chaos surrounding the early start to the Great Modron March.


Dead Gods
Vecna Reborn
The Great Modron March

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