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List of Planescape products


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If you want to know what a plane is, see Plane.

If you want to know what a scape is, you're on your own.

Planescape AD&D Material

  • Campaign Setting - Box

    • A Player's Guide to the Planes
    • A DM's Guide to the Planes
    • Sigil and Beyond
    • Monstrous Supplement
    • DM screen
  • Dead Gods - Adventure

  • Deva Spark - Adventure

  • Doors to the Unknown - Adventure

  • Eternal Boundary - Adventure

  • Faces of Evil: The Fiends - Accessory

  • Faction War - Accessory

  • Factols' Manifesto - Accessory

  • Fires of Dis - Adventure

  • Great Modron March - Adventure Collection

  • Guide to the Astral Plane - Expansion

  • Guide to the Ethereal Plane - Expansion

  • Harbinger House - Adventure

  • Hellbound: The Blood War - Adventure / Accessory Box

    • The Dark War
    • The Chant of the War
    • War Games
    • Visions of War
    • The Bargain
  • In the Abyss - Adventure

  • In the Cage: Guide to Sigil - Expansion

  • Monstrous Compendium I

  • Monstrous Compendium II

  • Monstrous Compendium III

  • On Hallowed Ground - Accessory

  • Planes of Chaos - Expansion Box
    • The book of Chaos
    • The Travelogue
    • Chaos Adventures
    • Monstrous Supplement
  • Planes of Conflict - Expansion Box
    • Liber Benevolentiae
    • Liber Malevolentiae
    • A Player's Guide to Conflict
    • Adventures in Conflict
    • Monstrous Supplement
  • Planes of Law - Expansion Box
    • A Player's Guide to Law
    • Books on: Acheron, Arcadia, Baator, Mechanus & Mount Celestia
    • Monstrous Supplement
  • Planewalker's Handbook - Accessory

  • Player's Primer to the Outlands - Expansion
    • Book, poster map & CD

  • Something Wild - Adventure

  • Tales from the Infinite Staircase - Adventure Collection

  • The Inner Planes - Expansion

  • Uncaged: Faces of Sigil - NPC Collection

  • Well of Worlds - Adventure Collection

For 3rd edition material visit Planewalkers official product page.

For 2nd edition pdf material visit RPGnow or Paizo

Planescape Novels

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