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A Celestial Prince, Liu is the Chinese Power of crops and Superintendent of the Five Cereals: rice, barley, millet, sorghum, and wheat. In addition to supervising the individual deities of each of the five cereals, he is charged with interacting with the gods of rain, hail, insects, and other natural phenomena to ensure an adequate growing season. His is a very difficult job, for he must carefully balance the needs of each of the different cereals, at the same time using diplomacy and other political skills to convince his fellow gods not to send too much or too little rain. Save for his godly bearing and charisma, Liu is a young man who resembles a mortal bureaucrat who might occupy a similar station on earth.

Liu’s tasks keep him so busy that even when faced with a major agricultural catastrophe, a worshiper has only a very tiny chance of attracting the god’s attention. This increases somewhat for priests dedicated to Liu. Should Liu notice a worshiper’s request, he will send his avatar to offer what help he can.

Because he works so hard, Liu is easily affronted if the proper rites are not observed in his honor, which may result in a poor harvest for the offending community. Omens from Liu usually concern the proper time for planting and harvesting, and are associated with the moon, the wind, and the weather.

Liu dwells in Elysium, in Eronia, where he shares the Great Mother's Garden with Chauntea and Djaea.

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