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Steam, Quasielemental Plane of


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Some folks like a sauna, a place to go and sweat off the day's troubles. Well, they'd be disappointed by the plane of Steam. It's not quite like its name says. The plane of Steam is surprisingly cool. Mist is a better name - clammy, thick, cloying mist that seeps into everything. The danger here isn't boiling, but drowning in lungfuls of water.

Near the edge of the plane of Water, the mist is more like an ocean filled with bubbles. As a swimmer from Water's great ocean slowly finds the world spreading on him, the bubbles join and the water forms freefloating droplets. These gradually become finer and finer, and they glow with energy stolen from the Positive+Energy+Plane.

Just at the border to the Positive Energy Plane stands the glowing Tower of Ice, a glittering spire that lances upward almost as far as can be seen. Who or what built this tower is unknown, but alchemists sometimes come here to complete essential steps in potion brewing.

Special Physical Conditions. Movement on the plane of Steam is like that on the plane+of+Air, although closer to the plane+of+Water this is more akin to swimming. Breathing is possible, but all movement is slowed (as the spell) by the suffocating mist. A water breathing spell removes this difficulty. Visibility is limited to 1d10 yards at any given time.

Special Magic Conditions. Conjuration/summoning spells reach the planes of Water, Ice, Ooze, Mineral, Lightning, and the Positive Energy. Due to the high moisture of the plane, spells function as on the plane of Water. However, firebased spells effectively cause half or no damage here, rather than not function at all.

Natives and Hazards. Wavefires, quasielementals, mist mephits, and steam mephits inhabit this plane. Marid explorers and hunters visit the plane, sometimes to seek out klyndes as assassins and guardians. In the city of Adrift, humans and other humanoid races are common. After the publication of The Inner Planes, many slaadi have taken tours to this plane in order to sample the native steam mephits.

The Inner Planes
Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III
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