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5th Edition News (or maybe just rumors?)


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5th Edition News (or maybe just rumors?)

Dungeons & Dragons Next Release Date, New Product, Leak - Update:

"It's no big secret that Wizards of the Coast is working on the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons to release this year, and courtesy of book retailer Barnes & Noble, we've got a look at the dates: A starter set will release for $19.99 on July 15th, with the Player's Handbook releasing a month later on August 19 for $49.95."

Is the Player's Handbook now the only book you need? Or do they plan on releasing a $50 DMG as well?


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Re: 5th Edition News (or maybe just rumors?)

Hmm... I clicked on the screenshot from and it said $39 and some-odd cents, about ten bucks cheaper. I don't think the book will actually turn out to cost $50, and I am sure there will be a DMG as well. Whether we'll LIKE it, I can't say. But I expect the PH costs $39 because they are cramming so many class options into it. At least that's my assumption.

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