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FAQ for potential Planewalker Codex Artists


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FAQ for potential Planewalker Codex Artists

Q: If I let my art be used by Planewalker, do I retain all rights to those pieces?

A: Yes! We do not make any claim to rights other than a non-exclusive right to publish/release since without least *that* we can't put it up at all. WotC can make no claims through us on works produced that are not using their IP.

Q: What if the work uses WotC IP?

A: As Planewalker derives its rights through WotC, we are one of the places you can legally publish art containing things/people/monsters under WotC IP.

Note that tuff using WotC's IP would need to be taken up with them for publication outside of this venue - but that would be true even if we weren't involved.

Q: Does allowing my art to be used in the zine give me publicity?

A: Going forward, we plan to link artists (and where possible, writers') pages in the issues where their work gets published. So if you have a website or a deviant art page, we'll definitely be putting in a link!

Q: Where can I find out what art pieces you are looking for?

A: As we put together a zine issue, we'll have posts in the Zine Forum showing which current articles need art.

However, beyond that we also have a Submit Artwork section where requests for art have been put in. Once we have art for those articles, we'll get them into the Zine.

And, beyond *that*, there's the Editor's Queue where we have more articles we plan to use in the zine at some point. If you see an article there you'd like to do a piece for, definitely let us know!

Q: What file types and DPI are you looking for?

A: It's somewhat flexible, but ideally art should be 300dpi, and in jpg, png, bmp, or psd format.


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