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Planescape: The Musical Sequal


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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

Mimo catches the attention of the remaining staff member, the tiefling girl.
“My sweet charming lady, would you be so kind as to help me with a “special” order?”.
Waving her close, he leans in and whispers softly:
“The intrusion upon this grand establishment is distasteful to say the least. You seem to share your fine host’s attitude towards these oppressors, and some of us here might intend to deny them their quarry. What I ask of you is simple and fairly harmless... Might I request that you place a large tankard of ale on the bar near the captain, and tend to your duties near it? Things might get a bit… chaotic in a little while, and if they do, it would be most unfortunate if a tankard of brew accidently was spilled into his lap…”
[Diplomacy check below]
Mimo discreetly presses a gold piece into her hand, then raises his voice again and gives her a wink. “Think about it, my dear, we halflings may be small, but we are nimble with our fingers!” he says, his suddenly rowdy manner used to weave a cover for his previous whisperings.

After she leaves, he turns back to the others, his voice lowered again.
“Seems like our dear host is ready to explode at a moment’s notice, which should work to our advantage... So what say you to my proposal? We conclude our “celebrations” by spinning a grand tale for all to hear. We try to capture the attention of as many Sodkillers as we can, just as our dear shining gentleman here did, and use what options we have to add to the distraction – I have a bit of illusory skill myself, for example. In the ensuing confusion, our dear jester escapes out the back door, and we rendezvous at… the Festhall, for instance?”

[OOC: Did Mimo get a feel for whether any of the patrons that remained behind, could be counted on for assistance, in case we tried to help Stich escape?
Also, does it seem like the abundance of drinks could be ignited?]

16 Bonus for Diplomacy to do
I rolled 1d20+16, the result is 30.
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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

The tiefling girl shuffles off for awhile, and when she returns she hands Mimo a note with a smile and a lewd wink. The note reads, "Sodkiller not as dumb as he looks. There IS portal in wine celler. Boss won't tell anyone key. Also small window in celler, will unlock when I next go down."

The other patrons won't discuss escape plans openly of course, but Mimo and Qurilln get the gist of where they stand; The blue goblin is sodding useless, he can barely keep from falling off his stool. The gnomes are cautious, they've only heard stories about the Sodkillers, but what stories they've heard! The Dire Kobold is cautious too, but seems more willing. Being Sigilan, he knows all about the Sodkillers, and though he fears them, is still willing to mess up their plans, assuming he can get away with it.

[DMing: Lots of drinks on bar. Want them to ignite? Just ask Stitch to mix 'em strong.]

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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

Qurilln's almond eyes cackle with mischievous light. His tenorous voice flutters the verse, "Bouncing tones to brighten the bones!" while his fingers work out an intricate dance.

Mimo hears in his ear, "Aye, good friend, let this merry feint begin!"

Blue fibers rippling with excitement, the genasi turns his back on the gang to look at the Sodkiller sitting down. However, the soft russle of the bard's voice ripples in Stitch's ear, "Let the little one have a chance to tute upon the harmonic flute, as this may send the troops to twirling loops.

OOC: I cast Ventrilloquism.

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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

Stitch starts juggling a trio of shotglasses (which were full when he started, though strangely enough they only spilled on the bar, not on anyone else) and starts to sing a song of Sigil.

"Her streets are paved with greens and primes.
Her towers full of wonder.
How full of awe we are at first,
When into Sigil we blunder.

Voices echo in The Cage
of every tone and bell.
And haggard look of canny bloods
who jumped The Laugh from hell.

Oh Lady fair and terror!
My life is but a stage.
A drama of tragic comedy,
when I stepped into your Maze."

He puts down the shotglasses and picks up a (random?) drink, knocking over another glass in the process (accidently?).

Stitch raises his glass and loudly proclaims, "A toast! To Sigil! The wonder of the Multiverse! Where else can a man drink a toast with a halfling, a goblin, gnomes, a kobold, a teifling, a genasi, a slaad ... and a sodkiller!?!"

The tiefling comes over and selects a couple of drinks for the toast, offering one to the Sodkiller. He doesn't move.

"You needn't drink, just raise it for the toast, sir." she says with a smile.

The sodkiller still does not move, keeping the crossbow trained on Stitch. The tiefling girl sets the drink on the bar next to him and stalks off, insulted.

"Piker! I'm born and raised in Sigil. Won't raise a toast to the Birdcage? I hope tomorrow you drink with her Serenity."

Stitch, seemigly ignoring the exchange, quickly downs his drink. "I know, let's have a round! Each in turn can sing about were they're originally from. Mighty Mimo, why don't you go first," he says with a wink, " I want to know more about the one who carries so many instruments with him."

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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

Mimo smiles at the tiefling girl and discreetly slides the note to his newfound companions. He then jumps on the table, a glass raised to toast with the patrons around him. He gallantly bows, empties his drink, and begins to sing, his merry voice filling the tavern and ensnaring the attention of as many Sodkillers as he can. While doing so, he jumps from table to table, occasionally “playing” on his many broken instruments by tapping them rhythmically, and eventually using the harmonica:

Now raise your glasses,
Lend me your ears,
And listen now - all ye can.
A speech I have,
A story served,
A tale from this fine halfling man,

For long have I traveled,
And much have I braved,
To join you for this merry feast.
In the City of Doors,
The Cage of the World,
Where streets are walked by man and beast.

I hail from afar,
A simple realm,
Where neither angel nor fiend will reside.
But oh what a place,
With fabulous lands,
The prime world of Oerth a home can provide.

The Duchy of Urnst,
Where ripe fields abound,
My kinsmen and I found joy and bliss,
The wine was good,
The women were better,
But alas my life still felt amiss.

For I deal in words,
And revel in tales,
But sometimes an artist yet craves for more.
I outgrew my home,
And found new insight,
The Planes had heard my plea for encore.

And thus I jumped portals,
And traveled the Wheel,
Oceanus and Styx, I sailed on them far.
But one place I lingered,
The Soup I called kip,
A Slaadi-home made me feel just like a star.

And fine Slaadi friends,
A lyrical bunch,
I met and learned from their whimsy ways.
And Limbo I shaped,
As it did with me,
With lyrical lore I was set ablaze.

And then came the day,
For Sigil I headed,
The wanderlust always pushing me on.
And oh what a town,
Here wonders abound,
My destiny’s path I have set upon.

And thus ends my tale,
Of where I have delved,
And how I have ended up with you fine peers.
So lift your glasses,
And raise your voices,
Let’s celebrate life as we should – Cheers!

[Bardic music, Fascinate]

17 Bonus for Perform (Orator to do
I rolled 1d20+17, the result is 34.
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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

OOC: Do I get a circumstance bonus to my will save because I was aware and prepared for his fascination attempt--or are allies already immune?? Doing a will save just in case.

...nvm. Doubt a circumstance will aid on this roll. Laughing out loud

9 Bonus for will save to do
I rolled 1d20+9, the result is 11.
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Planescape: The Musical Sequal

[DMing: You were not a target, so you needn't roll a save]

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Joined: 2007-01-03
Planescape: The Musical Sequal

OOC: *Swipes brow* Woot! Thanks, Azure.

The genasi's hair shimmers with excitement at the eldritch words playing about in the room. Flowing upon the ripples and tides of Dunamin's song, Qurilln's voice slides from person to person. The radiant genasi is singing the harmonic rhythms of the tune. (Forgive me, Dun, if I muff this): Dah, da, da, dah / Dah, da da, dah / Dah, dada, da --dah da dah...

When the genasi discerns the refraining ends (e.g., he begins to add an echo. "[halfing ends][halfing ends]...beast..."

Ushering this support into each man's ear tinges the heart with confidence...

OOC: Bardic music, Inspire Competence. Qurilln wants the conspirators to have a chance at saving Stitch's hide.

13 Bonus for perform(sing) to do
I rolled 1d20+13, the result is 20.
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