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PS in other game systems


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PS in other game systems

Hi all- I'm wondering if anyone has used the PS setting with other game systems. I'm toying with adapting it to Rolemaster or HARP from ICE and wanted to see if anyone has done this with other systems. Thanks.



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Re: PS in other game systems

I haven't personally (actually, it's been a long time since I've had a chance to play PS at a tabletop :-/), but I know there are - or at least were - several conversions somewhere on these boards.

Try here: /sections/planescape-other-systems

I don't know if anybody's done any conversions for some of the more current systems though. Wish I could help more.

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Re: PS in other game systems

I'm working on something based on the old Vampire Dark Ages rules for an investigation campaign with very little combat.

Its basically the core storyteller rules with slightly adjusted talents/skills/knowledges, 4 "classes" instead of clans (fighter, rogue, cleric and wizard) and each class has few discipline like powers. Instead of blood fueling the disciplines, I've created a stat called fatigue, its derived from different abilities, but which abilities vary from class to class.

I didnt want to create races, instead I'm doing a lot of merits and flaws, and its up to the players to pick what they think would be appropriate for whatever race they want to play.

Magic is a discipline available to Wizards and Clerics. There are no spells, instead the player describes the effect he wants to achieve, the GM assigns a difficulty number and a fatigue cost.

Currently I still need to figure out exactly which powers/disciplines each class gains access to and I need more merits and flaws, maybe I'll post the rules for some creative input Smiling

The whole thing is meant to be simple and focus on roleplaying instead of rollplaying, so a lot of things are left vague and up to the GM. It'll probably fall apart if you try it with serious min/maxers or rules lawyers, but I have high hopes for using it for low combat investigation games.

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Re: PS in other game systems

We're always glad to feature and host PDFs of conversions - the more complete the better. Smiling So good luck - and let us know how the projects go!

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