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Ribcage & Other Body Parts


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Ribcage & Other Body Parts

While organizing some personal notes, I was struck by something and I was curious if anyone had followed up on it.

I had looked at Ribcage in the Outlands and had moved to my notes on the Grey Wastes. Therein I saw an entry for Khin-Oin, the Wasting Tower that looks remarkably like a gigantic SPINAL COULMN.

Are these two items intended to have a link? I don't have acces to the Planes of Conflict in case it was given more detail there. But it got me thinking an assortment of questions:

-Who/what was this uber-entity? What sort of powers did it command? How was it defeated?
-If we know where the Spine and the Ribcage are, are there other body parts being used elsewhere? E.g
Perhaps the uber-entity's left eye (or right, what do I care) became the Great Mother of the beholder races
Perhaps its lungs are what is powering the perpetual winds in Pandemonium
Perhaps its brain became the God-Brain of the mind flayers
Perhaps its reproductive organ become the Spire in the Outlands (now there's a uber-being that you can't help but respect!)
-What if any benefits are there to having one or more pieces of the body and can they be reassembled for some purpose?

So first, is there any explanation (or at least a strong suggestion) for the orgin of the bones of Ribcage and the Wasting Tower from the "official" sources?

Secondly, does the idea of various groups trying to control the body parts spark any ideas?
E.g. I started thinking of a campaign where the devils of Baator were trying to get the town of Ribcage to slide not because they cared about the town but because they were hoping to get the surrounding ribs to slide also.
Perhaps Asmodeus is trying to assemble a new body that will be more powerful and/or free him from his pit in Baator.
If so, maybe they already got the head and shoulders of this uber-entity eons ago.

Thirdly, does anyone have any ideas for the locations/uses of the other body parts that may be scattered across the planes?

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Re: Ribcage & Other Body Parts

Well, I have an entirely different interpretation of the same idea!


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Re: Ribcage & Other Body Parts

Not much to add here but I believe the possible link between the Spine and Ribcage is addressed in the Player's Primer to the Outlands.

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Re: Ribcage & Other Body Parts

Check out the rumors about Xolotl on this page, under the description of Malazar the Desecrator. Basically, Xolotl is identified with all the major "body part landscapes."

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