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The Story So Far... (Summary)


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The Story So Far... (Summary)


Below is a summary of "The Story So Far...". I have edited the posts together, changed a few words, and in a few places re-arranged the order. But I'm glad to say, all sixty entries are here! Keep up the good work! (Please don't post entries on this thread, but by all means post comments against it...)


001 She stood all alone, unsure of what to do. 002 She clenched the portal key in her left hand, her trusted weapon in the right. 003 Taking one step, the air enclosed by the portal shimmered and crackled, her whole body being pulled through to the other side... 004 For an instant, she felt as if she were being shredded alive. 005 The sensation ended just as suddenly, leaving her on her knees, retching, vomiting onto a polished marble floor.

006 A heavy boot stamped down hard on her blade. 007 Her fingers were pinched between the hilt and the floor, and she winced as her grip loosened. 008 Looking up, a tall man in great coat and a wide brimmed hat smiled down at her. 009 Cheerfully he spoke, "'re a little off your mark, my dear."

010 Whirling, she swung her free hand at the man's head. 011 The wooden figurine portal key snapped as her fist connected with jawbone. 013 The impact left her knuckles feeling bruised. Apparently the mage was using some of his more obscure powers. 012 "I told you never to touch me," she spat.

013a Vale Ziemba shook the ‘pain’ away from his jaw, mocking her, as he lifted his foot from the blade. 014 "I didn't touch you. It was your fist that was attempting to touch my chin," He smiled at her, teeth flashing white for a moment. 014a "Besides, I'm happy to see YOU too... What a nice greeting for an old friend!"

015a She replied with anger in her voice, "What did you expect! I wasn't written in the dead book then, even though you thought so! 015 Now, just where was it you were aiming for?"

016 "Well, this is supposed to be the City of Glass. 017 But last I heard of you, you were living in the City of Brass, so I'm wondering a bit if I just did business with a slightly deaf key-seller. 018 Still, this has possibilities, 'cos it seems to me that I still owe you for the last time I saw you."

019 Aeravina took stock of the room as Vale spoke. 020 The black marble floor stretched across a large, circular room ringed with columns. 021 Through an unglazed window opposite the portal, she saw the cramped City of Brass crouching under a wall of flames.

022 "Anyway, there really is no need to get tetchy, my dear." continued Vale as Aeravina got to her feet. 023 "There's a perfectly rational explanation for why I did what I did. 024 Though I do understand that you might be a little.... miffed about my actions."

025 Aeravina fixed the man with a glare, and kept her sword out, but pointed downwards. 026 "Miffed isn't the word for it, you scum-sucking traitor. 027 I never expected to see you again after you stranded me on Cania to die."

028 "Stranded? That's a bit harsh, don't you think. 029 I don't know why we’re arguing about this; you're here now, alive and well... perhaps not so well. 030 You sick or something?" Vale asked, pointing to the puddle on the floor.

031 "No," Aeravina replied, too quickly, hoping Vale wouldn't notice how much thinner she had grown since he last saw her. 032 He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

033 For some time an awkward silence prevailed, before finally Vale spoke again, sounding sincere for the first time. 034 "... I apologize for leaving you there," he said haltingly. 035 The mage looked slightly awkward, as if the seeming betrayal had weighed on his mind, and apologies were always difficult for him. 036 "It truly was not my intent, but an emergency came up that I had to attend to."

037 Aerivina met this confession with an incredulous sneer, but was interrupted before she could answer. 038 Through the doors of polished basalt at the end of the room burst two different figures. 039 One was a tall and arrogant looking fire genasi, resplendent in stylized silks cut in the fashion of the Grand Sultan's court. 040 The fire genasi pointed his hooked staff at the two people as a sneer slipped across his lips. 041 He nodded to his companion, a Salamandar of a nearly white hue whose fire could be felt all the way across the room by the two planewalkers. 042 "There you are," the salamander hissed, its long molten tongue slapping at its lips as it spoke, "Its impolite to have kept us waiting this long."

043 Vale was quick to respond. 044 "No harm intended, your Excellency. 045 We were catching up as old friends," he seemed nervous in front of the salamander.

046 "It turns out that we've got plenty to talk about" said Aeravinda, looking at the salamander.

047 Vale glanced at her in surprise before turning back to the two newcomers. 048 "I would appreciate it," he said "if you would be able to give the two of us a few minutes to resolve our differences, and I will be with you shortly."

049 The salamander hissed loudly and undulated in an agitated manner… 050 "Why you sniveling conniving little son-of-an-ice-mephit, how dare you--" the salamander was cut off by the genasi's arm on its shoulder. 051 The genasi shook its head at its companion and bowed low to the two planewalkers, the smirk still playing on its lips.

052 "A moment then," the genasi said straightening from his mock-bow. 053 "We will be outside waiting, and I will even send a courier to the Sultan telling him of our delay."

054 Vale turned visibly paler. 055 As soon as the pair had left the room, Vale faced Aeravinda. 056 "I realize that you're pretty mad with me, but if either of us are going to have a chance of getting out of here alive, we're going to have to work together. 057 Do you think you'll be able to do that?"

058 “Well… You have a point. I’m not willing to hunt Tree Heron on the great Arborean Havens for eternity. Well, not yet anyway! 059 But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you either…” and a gentle smile crossed her face as she spoke.

060 “Good! By the powers of Thoth, we’ll need your arm and mind to work as one to escape. Did the portal come from Cania or where?” he asked the important question.

Blitz: 001-003, 013a-015a, 058-060
Enzo Sarlas: 004-006, 028-030
Clueless: 007-009, 013-015, 034-036
Mephit James: 010-012, 019-021, 025-027, 037-039, 043-045, 052-054
Galzion: 016-018, 022-024, 046-048, 055-057
Eluvan: 031-033
Primus: 040-042, 049-051

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