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3.5ed Update to The Deva Spark

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These updates are my own personal attempts to update the 2nd ed. Planescape Adventures to 3.5 ed. Some feats, skills, or rules are borrowed from the Planescape 3.5 ed. Project at, and some creature stats are taken from the PSMC 3.5.

Blade of Innocence 1: Celestial Conspiracy

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The door opened, and a beautiful creature came through it. Moving like a ghost in flesh, the figure moved toward the end of the room. The tulani's hair had flattened slightly from the swampy mists. It gave his youthful face an aura of reckless sensuality, despite a weight behind his pupils' dark. He shed his black cloak with a quick motion, and swiftly took a seat, grimacing even before he sat down.

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