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The PS Inspiration Thread

... today is Sigur, with magic children being blessed by the powers of...Aborea? Elysium? Ysgard? Here's the song: ... Also, even if he were somehow capable of fire-based powers, such would be entirely useless on the Paraelemental Plane of Ice ... period, and I'm not sure how that would affect spell-like powers.*. The 1E and 2E stats given for the Princes did not specify any of ...

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New and Upcoming Settings

... shadow and light. It is a world poised between great powers that shape and define all matter, one of many battlegrounds in an epic ... full-color art, new writing, new magic, tons of new Edges, Powers, Hindrances, and skills, new locales, new adventures, new monsters, a ...

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Game: Blades of Git'riban : Primal State

... recalling that the ulitharid appeared to hold magic powers. Spot and Search checks below. Game: Blades of Git'riban : ... of course - double natural ones for Gith's sake! Dark powers, why do you torment me so?! Would you mind kicking me in the crotch as ...

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PathFinder Planes: Interview with Todd Stewart (Part 2)

... WotC IP). And also, the genie-kin aren't always the major powers on their planes. It's much more mixed. Some elemental dragons having ... mercenary, and go-between roles between the various major powers within the elemental planes. So it's efreet for fire, shaitans for ...

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Devil's Due (Closed)

... terms but the total annihlation of the other. Mortals and powers alike find themselves invariably drawn to the conflict, and many agree ... of fire and raw magic shot out from her orifices, her powers, rejuvenation and inmunities drained. They spread in an amazing light ...

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Enumerating the Parallel Multiverses

... but with pride. Even the fiends know who the dominant powers are on its streets, and even the most overzealous angel who comes here ... the Outlands are almost completely dominated by the lawful powers and exemplars and their landscapes bare only a hint of chaos at best. ...

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Alzrius the Lord of Infernal Light

... broiled and seethed in the energies of primordial powers, whose names are etched intrinsically into the first utterance of all ... that raged across the Nine Layers of Hell. Finally both Powers were utterly spent by their battle; at the last both combatants crashed ...

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Planescape Welcome Thread and FAQ

... Blood Hostages , Abyssal Warriors and Planar Powers . The official novelization of Planescape: Torment is also available ...

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[Kickstarter] Project Eternity by the autors of Planescape Torment

... topic to those Sigilians who have heard of it. How can the powers do that? How can they have the right to remove anyone from the cycle of ... *the* Exile, a once-great Jedi general stripped of his powers and thrown out of the order for making the call to use a doomsday device ...

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List of fan-created Factions/Sects and their philosophies?

... are especially interested in madmen who have extra powers based on their illnesses -The ESCHATON [Largely taken from ... with the Doomguard. They worship mysterious chthonic powers and believe that all creation will be swallowed back. They attempt to ...

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