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Lothem of Trathia

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Lothem of TrathiaAge: 48Gender: maleRace: Prime-Human, Elorian Height: 5`5”Weight: 477lbsBuild: heavy (hugely, grotesquely fat)Skin: an unhealthy black-greyish tinged Eye Color: blackClothing: Usually only a terribly sweat stained but well kept white toga-like article and sandals under a similiarly sweat stained white set of thick woolen robes, complete with fetishes and fetch objects, trinkets and baubles and other assorted such “junk”

Ur'rdrasul the Black Manor

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Recommended Levels: n/a Risen from the chaotic ranks of the tanar'ri, Druedadon is a minor demon lord in ascension. Unlike most others of his kind, he is not so prone to fits of rage, just barely concealing his hatred in a facade of refined malice.

Ravel's Last Dance

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Recommended Levels: n/a Born in the Great Swamp, in an obscure Prime Material World known as Terra, Ravel has gone through a life of hardships. The Sacred Swamp is the home of a hardy and religious people. The life is harsh, natural resources are scarce and valuable. Their only source of entertainment is the underground arena.

End of Time

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Recommended Levels: n/a The Outer Planes

The First Creature

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Recommended Levels: n/a In Sigil, a mishappen barmy known only as the Prophet, announces the End of Time. The Beginning and the End. The Unity of Rings. Those who dare listen to this bizarre prophet, whose eyes have been sewed together, hear of things most disturbing. He speaks of the First Creature, a being called Adam, lost in the depths of the Inner Planes. He speaks of the coming of the Devourer of Worlds, of wars that will change the face of the Planes.

Our Lady Of The Machine: Parts 1

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Recommended Levels: n/a Query = Why is self on table?Formulating?....Answer = Self is in.. in... IN45.349~ An unfortunate Modron

The Test of Rthak'aai

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Nope, it's not a "The lich-queen is dead!..." piece, but hopefully it works for Rrakkma regardless. Fun little possibility for dungeoneering in Limbo, or a truly odd solo adventure. Enjoy...


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Recommended Levels: Mid (8-14) If a berk ain't made, she'd better not get scragged in the lower gate-towns. Paracs ain't got truck with any peel that don't kick him a jink or three, and the Guildsmen of Ribcage are his tax collectors in that regard. Same thing from Torch to the Dwarven Mountain. You gotta pay to play, and if you don't know the secret handshake, don't be too handy. The authorities usually have a working agreement with the local working man, but they'll give the rope to out-of-towners.

The Revenge of Pettiness

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Recommended Levels: Low (1-7) The multiverse is ruled by the big players... gods, proxies, natural forces, powerful metaphysical concepts such as love, hate... but the average person’s life isn’t always affected by that. Smaller things rule the lives of smaller people: spite, boredom, humor, style... and pettiness. They are not as fundamentally good or evil as many other things, nor are they glamorous and widely known to manifest themselves, but they do manifest themselves, although it most often goes unnoticed.

Life of the Party

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Recommended Levels: n/a Author’s note: This hook contains spoilers for the Faction War adventure, so unless you have already read it, are going to, or wish to spoil your surprise, you shouldn’t read this.Prologue: It’s that time of year again! Darius, factol of the Sign of One, is holding her annual ball for the high-ups of the city. Everyone’s who’s anyone is invited, including perhaps the player characters.

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