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Elves Don't Dream

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Long ago, before the first humans saw the light of prime suns, the fey were a single race. These creatures, myth to some, nightmare to others, were a chaotic race of fundemental powers; those of nature and fertility, life and death, enjoyment and sorrow. The Outer Planes were much different from what they are today, unformed… hardly a Great Ring at all. Only a few eons before, the Blood War had spread from the lower planes, and deities still walked the prime, creating races in their own images...spawning a fresh breed of gods, who would one day take over.

Twin Furnaces

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The Shopkeeper of the Tower Arcane smiled placidly at his balor patron. "All the shadows in a single layer of the Abyss for a year? A generous offer indeed. We can certainly make use of those, or we have business associates who can. However, for the same legions the baatezu have offered us the privilege of sharing the use of their Lake of Flame for a century. We don't yet know what we would use it for, but surely you appreciate the magnitude of this sacrifice."

The balor growled, flames erupting from its eyes and licking its cheeks.

How the Imaskari Created Sigil

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I am a proud citizen of Imaskar, the Empire of Portals. You've neverheard of it, I presume? I thought not, but it was famous once. Listen,please, to my story, a tale of epic foolishness and tragedy.  

The Proselytizer, Koristal Il Palinthiin. Baernaloth of the Demented (7 of 13)

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This is number 7 or so in my cycle of Baernaloths, and I owe a debt of inspiration on this one to some ideas by Sciborg2 and Rip Van Wormer regarding Anthraxus' self mutilation, Baernaloths as viral hosts of their creations, and Anthraxus being obsessed with what the Night Hags who created him might have also done to him without his knowledge. My thanks goes out to them both. This rides the line of good taste in parts here. I apologize if any of the content offends you in any way, since I do hit upon some touchy subjects.

Methikus sar Telmuril, 'The Flesh Sculptor' - Baernaloth of The Demented (6 of 13)

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A warning is in order here for this story. Given the nature and personality of this particular Baernaloth, the level of blatant violence and gore is much higher in this story than in previous ones. So please do keep that in mind before reading this. And also, this story is significantly longer than the previous entries in the Baernaloth cycle.“From time to time I pause before a mirror to draw back my lips and gaze at the truth… Show me your smile and I will show you your fate.” – Matt Cardin, “Teeth”

Daru Ib Shamiq, The Lie Weaver: Baernaloth of the Demented (5 of 13)

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If you do not wish to be lied to, do not ask questions. If there were no questions, there would be no lies. – B. Traven

Jezifreth Na’Harsindrian, The Inquisitor: Baernaloth of the Demented (4 of 13)

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“So here’s the way it works out: if you don’t give them water for a day, then they don’t go to the toilet. Give them water once, and they go to the toilet once; take pity on them and give them water twice – they go to the toilet twice. So it’s pure and simple common sense: just don’t give them anything to drink.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago Vol 2, pp 495-496

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