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Fantaseum Codex Core Rules Files

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Thanks so much to Fantaseum for all of their hard work and efforts in getting these created! Thanks, bloods!

Codex CR2's are just that, bloods! Core Rules files of the existing Creature Codex critters, all zipped up and ready to import! That's right - now DMs can import their favorite Codex critters into the Core Rules software easily and without any hassle. Simply click on the link and save them to your local drive. Unzip them and then import them - it is as easy as that! If you have any questions, there are extensive help pages over at Fantaseum!

Creature Collections

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Thanks to Heiner de Wendt for the original inspiration!

2nd edition Creature Collections

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Being a collection of 2nd edition Critters and Creatures to inflict upon your players in your next game. Tell us how it went!


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With a rending gnashing sound the great beast turns an insectile head towards your party, before diving into the ground beneath your feet. A sudden sound of vaccume and wind rushes past as you stare into the void of another plane, the tail end of the segmented worm writhing in the distance.

Dragons Upon the Many Planes

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This odd species of Outsider is intended to make an interesting and thought-provoking sort of antagonist, especially for Druids, and a lesson in the balance of nature. People often think of death as bad or even evil; the Tanzu demonstrate that life is never that simplistic. Druids probably spend a lot of time preventing the destruction of wildlife, but they would have to stop the Tanzu’s actions or ecosystems would be damaged and eventually, completely collapse.

Large outsider
Hit dice: 8d8+40 (76hp)

The Pandemonium Shrieking Toad

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There is a large frog-like creature the size of a cat sitting in the corridor ahead of you. As it notices you it begins to inhale, swelling rapidly and disturbingly. . . Tiny Magical Beast

The Planescape Survival Guide - Beholders

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Planescape Survival Guide (the handy-dandy guide, not the comic ) #1, Beholders:

Planescape Survival Guide
(the handy-dandy guide, not the comic )
#1, Beholders:

Planetouched Templates

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Planetouched Templates:
By: Duckluck (with help from Oberoni_Fallacy)

What's the Point?

Monster Class: Couatl

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RefWillSkill Points
Special 1st1d8+1+2

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